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Advice about blood tests and levothyroxine dosage please?


Tsh 6.55

T4 15.3

Started 50mg

Couple months later

Tsh 0.05

T4 15.4


Tsh 4.6

T4 15.4

Upped to 75mg went gluten free

Tsh 0.05

T4 29(high)

T3 8(high)

(Still felt hypo no racing heart etc just warm as im usually freezing but its been summer )

Gone to 50/75 alternate days.

Feel worse now after 4 weeks on this now, waking up warm but basel temp is between 36 and 36.4, needing to nap again,headache,cold feet and sinuses swelled back up(had some relief of 75mg.

Im converting well to t3 could it mean a switch to armour or could symptoms be adjustment symptoms ?

Help much needed.Thanks in advance.


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Have you had the vital five tested (12, VitD, ferritin, folates and iron) and if so what where the results.

Moggie x


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