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Question about B12 Again ( sorry )

Hi, Although I haven't tested for iron ( Iam a TT case ) I remember reading about that without thyroids your body does not absorb the iron normally from the food ( correct ?) I have ordered the Methylcobalamin tablets from Amazon and wonder that even if I haven't been tested is it ok to start the iron supplements? They wouldn't do any damage? Thanks Guys xxx

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B12 is not iron. B12 is a vitamin that can be difficult to absorb for some people. I understand that you cannot overdose on it as it is water soluble, so is fine to take (I take 1000mcg per day). Iron, however, can be overdosed on, so if you are taking large quantities of iron supplements, you would need to keep testing.


Just to be on the safe side, I would have both your B12 and iron tested by the GP. Especially as you have had a TT you want your vitamins/minerals to be optimum too.

People with pernicious anaemia have to have B12 injections frequently, some also supplement with sublingual as their stomach cannot absorb B12 from diet.


I NEVER supplement unless I have been tested first as supplementing when you possibly do not need it can cause more harm than good.

Moggie x


Ok cheers , maybe I should get myself checked before I start doing things. I got a lab form here which I need to get done in 3 weeks time for my check up with the surgeon and there is TPTs and something calsium. Whats TPTs ?


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