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Had to reduce my levo as gone hyper. Does the reduction affect Lyrica and Nortriptyline. Either make them stronger or weaker? Anxious!!!

Blood tests showed I had gone hyper so reduced levo from 125mcgs to100mcgs almost 6 weeks ago. Still feeling same. No improvement. Am wondering in theory if levo is sometimes used to enhance the effects of Nortriptyline can reducing the levo be sort of the same as cutting down the Nortriptyline (reverse of enhancing) I have been taking Nortriptyline and Lyrica for neuropathic pain but they don't work! I am going back for blood tests this week testing all TFT inc. free T4 T3 TSH B12 vitD folate etc. I am also using bio identical progesterone cream (it's since using this and the A/d A/e that my levels have gradually gone lower and lower. Someone please answer me

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HI the Nortriptyline can effect the thyroid, not sure which way. Also it is possible for any drug to interact with another in ones body, even though not generally know. Peoples bodies all react differently some local anaethetic patches, Versatis 5%. Can only be on a docs script and they cost a lot ,so GP may need some pressure. I cannot take those drugs and use the patches. They are marvellous so long as you put them on immediately a problem. Leave on 12 hours, then none fore the day etc.

I hope that is some help.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie.

What's these patches fir and what do they do? Is this the correct name for them. Rose x


Hi 130396,

Sorry you're not getting much in the way of response to your repeated question. As this is a patient to patient support forum, if no-one reading here has had any experience of the issues you're having, then no-one is in a position to offer support. You need to get further help from the medical people prescribing all these different medications.


Hi Red Apple

I am having blood test Thurs and seeing the gp next week. I'll try to get it over to him but the one I am seeing is not the prescribing Dr and I've not seem him before. He's very nice but not my regular gp who knows me. Thanks for your reply


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