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My daughters 1st pregnancy. Should she have a thyroid function test?

My daughter has just become pregnant for the first time. My first grandchild.

I have heard some ladies get thyroid problems while pregnant or postpartum. I'm concerned as I have hashimoto's/hypo, autoimmune. My mum and 2 of my sisters all have autoimmune diseases (not thyroid) so I am concerned my daughter may get one too. Particularly concerned its thyroid as I already have it.

Am I right to be concerned?

Thanks in advance for replies. X

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You will be so excited and want everything to go smoothly.

If you think there is a possibility of hypo, do get a thyroid gland blood test - at least you will know the levels before delivery. Occasionally after delivery mothers can have a flare-up for the first time. This is a link and some of the questions may be helpful:-


Yeay think the problem is sorted now


Hi shaw HU are having problems with my responses. They are only posting part of my posts.

Thanks for your reply. The link is good thanks.

Yes I'm excited about being a grandma for the first time and want the best for my little girl and her baby. Just being cautious


Get the thyroid test done first and then - Just enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Moggie x


Thanks moggie x


Since there is a genetic component to Hashimoto, I think you have a right to be concerned.


Hi congratulations! On the news of your daughters pregnancy..I too have had the same news .My daughter is also expecting.i too was worried about her after the birth re hypo / hashi symptoms SO she went to our GP ( Said her mum had sent her , and he laughed! ) he agreed to send her for blood tests for hypo and also Hughes syndrome ( APS ) which are a couple of things I have's good to have a base line for when they are feeling well and in future years if things go up the wall ..they can refer to the tests done..I hope that doesn't happen...but! ( wasnt ever right after the birth of my first ) x


Thanks Donna. Congratulation to you too. Hope all goes well with your daughters pregnancy and birth.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is concerned. Knowing That makes me feel a little less over protective. Lol!

As you say it is a base line for future reference should anything develope later. Hopefully not!!! Also to rule out thyroid issues now.

Forewarned is forearmed and we will be able to be vigilant for any future signs and symptoms.

Thanks again. Good luck to you, your daughter and your new grandchild.

Wendy x


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