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Had new blood test done and an ultrasound of my neck today

Preliminary results from the scan say there are nodules there but highly likely due to thyroxin treatment and nothing to cause alarm..(was hoping to find something to explain all the weirdness about my dosage and levels)

Blood test was interesting explaining what's going on and the phlebotomist asked "why aren't they testing for t3/t4 levels ?" So that's my next quest to get t3/t4 measured and also to read up on this aspect of hypothyroidism.

Got my echocardiogram at the start of September and still waiting for my endo appointment. Should have my blood results from today by the weeks end.

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Info here:

If your GP can't/won't do testing, you can get it done privately, some people have also managed to get private tests via GP, so it is worth asking about that too.




I checked back to see what your history was and remembered seeing your early results posted -and being intrigued by the slow drift down of TSH.

Can you add your later results post to that post and thus will keep in context better?

I can't see why they neglected the T4 either,as that at least is standard, I thought.


The picture I previously posted is all I have. I will ask for a more detailed printout next time I see the doc


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