Any interest in a mid-Hampshire meet-up/support group?

There's been some recent distressing posts and many people really do feel alone with this condition. It does affect our self-confidence and sometimes it's easier to avoid interacting with others.

Does anyone fancy meeting up for a coffee with like-minded souls? An opportunity to share experiences and offer support in a relaxed environment.

Thinking of Winchester/Basingstoke area. I do know a good garden centre not far from Basingstoke - very reasonably priced with decent food too.

Anyone interested?

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I think it is a brilliant idea but I wish it were nearer me in Henley on Thames. Hope you get lots of replies and if anyone is in Oxfordshire or Berkshire, maybe we could form our own group. Thanks for the idea and anyone interested please pm me. ( I feel the same about the number of people writing desperate posts and the experienced admin people seem to have disappeared since we had the new site.) x

Hi Hennerton

The Admin are still here! :)

We have a problem that we are still not getting notifications of all activity, so we are finding it more difficult to keep up with all of the comments than we used to.

But we are trying to cover all of the NEW posts and Qs as much as we always have!

That said, there is no doubt that we have lost several of the more active 'normal' users. :(

I agree that it is great when people meet up! :)

Thyroid UK is always happy to support groups with information and if groups become regular we are happy to promote them in our Support Network List.

Are you on FaceBook..? There is a great group called Thyroid Friends UK, I bet some of them would be interested in meeting up too - of course they may not be local to you...



As always Louise, thanks for your support and it's good to know that ThyroidUK encourage these get-togethers.

Hi Louise, Thanks for your reply and I am so pleased the experienced admin are still with us. I imagined they had left in frustration! I am a member of Thyroid Friends but there are not many in the area and although I suggested it in one of our long chats and everyone agreed, it has not happened yet. Maybe one day... Thanks again for all you do for us.

That's a shame Hennerton. Wondering if there's any others who live in your vicinity and could do a car share perhaps?

Failing that, just post up and ask if anyone's interested in your part of the country!

Actually, just thinking back, I did venture to Bristol for their regular get-together. Didn't know the area at all, suffered from anxiety attacks and completely relied on the satnav. Felt exhausted when I arrived but they were such a nice group of people and felt completely at ease.

I am hoping someone from my area might see this and make contact and I would love to meet people who are on T3 only, as although it is better than anything else for me, I am still struggling at times. Hope you get a good response x

Hi Hennerton, I live in Winchester and am on T3 only. I don't have a car so probably won't be able to get to a garden centre but could take train to Basingstoke if that's easy for meeting.


Hi Rose, Thanks for your post but I wonder if you should be replying to Cinnamon girl, as she is in your area, although maybe you are replying to me just because you are on T3 only. I am in Henley on Thames, which is along way from Winchester, so I guess you would be better to meet up somewhere local to you. Have fun if you all get together. x

Rose - I can swing by Winchester and pick you up, am not far from there.

I'm on T3 only.

I have a feeling we have posted previously, maybe when I first started on T3 only in Feb this year. How are you doing on it now?

Quite possibly! I'd always felt that there could be improvement with the T3 despite taking a large-ish dose. Unfortunately during the last couple of months I've gone downhill due to losing my mother, moving house etc. I've been absolutely mentally and physically exhausted. Believe my adrenals are in a bad way so now taking Isocort again.

How are you getting on now?

Hard to say. I go up and down and have twice started to take Armour, trying to add some stamina to my feeble little body but after a few days of waking up with a headache and shaky legs when sitting doing nothing, I have reverted to T3 only. Currently just dropped dose from 55 to 50, as calf muscles feel horribly stiff in the morning, reminiscent of untreated Grave's. Strangely my temps have improved and previously very low BP is also better. Why? No idea. It is all a minefeld! xx ps Where is the garden centre?

Agreed, it is a minefield! You've given Armour a go anyway so all you can do is listen to your body.

See reply further down re garden centre.

Hennerton, as Louise says, we are still here even if not always visible! A huge part of the problem for admins has been that we've had to spend way too much time liaising with the technical team at HU to try to sort out the mess they made of this new site. This has meant we've been beavering away behind the scenes instead of here on the forum helping our members. We're doing our best, honest!

Hi RedApple, It was good to hear that you are still beavering away behind the scenes and maybe when HU have sorted out their horrible mess, you will all be doing what you do so well, helping us all to get well. Many thanks for all you do!

Hi I am in Newbury which I think is not far from you :-)

I'm in Hampshire (South) and would like to meet up if you get enough interested. I do work full time though so if it is during the week I will have to make arrangements. I travel around the county anyway so may be able to fit it around appointments.

I'm in sussex & would love it but never driven in that area before & don't think my nerves could stand it {feel useless some days!!!}

I hope those that make it enjoy xx

I understand what you're saying as regards driving. It's hard but do force myself by researching what roads I need to use despite having a satnav. Then go over it again and again by breaking it down into small chunks. Perhaps see how you're feeling nearer the time?

Where exactly is the garden centre, with post code and I will look to see how easy the route might be? Like many, I am an anxious driver, unless I know where I am going. Will gather courage!

Defo - I am in Newbury which is technically West Berks but only 30 mins away from Basingstoke and Winchester

All - I'll pick a date, probably from the middle of September onwards.

Thank you for replying and showing interest.

Thinking of this place, it's off the A339 Basingstoke to Alton road:

Hi, I have had a look at the route and it would take about an hour. Wish I had someone else from my area for company. Anyone interested, I will drive? (Henley on Thames or close by)

It's pretty straight-forward for you with the 'A' roads, the A339 is not far from the A33 as you'll be on the right side of Basingstoke. Garden Centre is well signed from the A339.

Yes, thanks, think I might make it, depending on date. I have rather a lot going on weekends in Sept. please let me know when you decide.

I'm in North Hampshire but only about 30 minutes from Basingstoke and would love to meet some others :) It would need to be a weekend for me as I work full time but can be flexible on dates in September.

Hi, I know this posted was from a while ago, but it you have any luck with getting together a support group?

Yes, we did get together in the end.

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