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Low Glucose, low Folate & low Blood count

Well, I've got my vitamin blood tests back. The surgery phoned me today to say I have low Glucose, low Folate and low Blood count.

But the Doctor wants me back in to retest it as my blood test results must be 'upset' or maybe a virus that I had. Well, I had my period at the time but other than that nothing.

Do they ask you these days to come back in to retest it to prove to themselves there can't possibly be anything wrong or what? I'm a bit in a flux & annoyed about it & would appreciate any help/ knowledge on this. What would you do & say? Camille.

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Have you got the results .


No exact readings. That's all I got told by an admin clerk. I have low thyroid and I am on levothyroxine for it.


Pampam - you fought hard and plucked up the courage to get these tests done in the first place. You shouldn't have to fight. The next step is to get copies of ALL your results with reference ranges every time you are tested. From looking at your previous posts you have been suffering for a minimum of a year and only your actions resulted in the GP looking further.

I have no idea what your doctor is like but waiting to do another test seems feeble to say the least - perhaps he is not giving you the full picture and realises that he should have instigated this himself and you shouldn't have had to make the request - perhaps he is using it as an excuse to get other things checked that may not have been requested or ignored by the lab.

I would want to see exactlty what has been tested (and what hasn't) and whether the others the admin clerk (ha) didn't mention are optimal. Once I had those I would make an appointment to discuss with the GP. You can then go in prepared and from a position of knowledge. Be annoyed - you have every reason to be and it will spur you on.

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I totally agree with editfmrt, you need to get a copy of all those blood tests that were done with ranges, not just the ones they are saying are low. You also need to make sure he didn't leave any out, particularly if he wants to retest you. Might as well make absolutely sure that B12, iron, ferritin and vit D were included (sounds like he did folate), and if not, get them included second time around.



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