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Hot Flushes

I have an underactive thyroid and I was wondering whether hot flushes are a symptom of this or whether I am going through the change. I have not had a proper period for 6mths and Im sure if you don't have a period for a year they class you as "going through the menopause". I know having an underactive thyroid presents many problems as we all know and I just thought could this be another one?.

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It could be the menopause but hot flushes and problems with periods are very common with underactive thyroid. Your Tsh should be between 0.5 and 1 to typically feel well not 'within range '. Best to go to docs and be tested for thyroid and menopause.

My periods were becoming a bit erratic and for years I had suffered a really unpleasant heat at night. Then I began to have mild flushes in the day. I have to get it from abroad but I now take Serelys and not only did the mild flushes go but more importantly the dreadful feeling of heat at night. Serelys is all natural and works on the adrenals which is what attracted me as we all often have probs with the adrenals along with the thyroid. Have you had your ferritin, iron, vit d and b12 also tested? They need to be at optimum levels for your body to convert the thyroxine effectively.


hi , just to say i didn't have a period in over 16mts and had hot flushes , bad at night . then about 2mts before i was was very poorly with under active thyroid hot flushes stopped my doctor had put me on citalopram 5mts before as he said helps with hot flushes[ so when they stopped just put it down to meds had worked] but 2 weeks on 75 of lev and i had a very bad bleed was sent to hospital had everything done ie scans etc, doctors at the hospital said it should be happening , anyway all results back and all seems ok ,doctors don't no if it will happen again and can only say it can't of been period. that was beginning of july , hot flushes are back first thing in morning and at night so even tho doctors say am tho the change i don't no if i have to wait over 12 mts to say ive gone though it , sorry long post but hope it helps. TSH was 75.74 in june when ill, now 3.64 and feel on the mend.


Try taking a sage supplement, it worked for me!


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