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Latest blood results on T3/T4 combo....can someone shed some light on them please :)

Hi All...... Have been taking cytomel (75mcg) for a coupe of months now. I have also recently re started Levo ...about 2 weeks ago as was startng to feel quite symptomatic. In general tho, im feeling much better but i do still have a mild fatigue with that persistent 'cant be arsed' attitude and exercise tolerance is poor, my memory and concentration is still poor, tinnitus is louder. My basal temp is around 36.6 but reaches normal during the day, dropping slighlty to 36.6 again in the evening. Im back at work doing 3x 8 hr shifts. Im very sleepy on my 40 min drive home and i'm needing a 1.5 hr sleep once im home. One day i fell asleep mid conversation with my dad (they sent me to bed!)

My new results (taken at 08.30) are

TSH (0.3-4.2) 0.05

FT4 (12-22) 2.0

FT3 (4-6.8) 7.3.

Im still not sure what to do with my levo and now im not sure what to do with my t3. Any advice greatfully received as always.........Karen xx

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Did Dr P say to add T4? I am surprised that he didn't suggest to increase your T3, or maybe you have tried that before?


No seeing Dr P in Sept so just started the t4 again myself as feeling so tired. Woud it be ok to up t3 as already over the range? Is it ok for the ft4 to be so low? I shouldnt have stayed off the forums for so long...cant remeber a bloomin thing!


Did you take T3 close to your blood test? The way I see it your high T3 will be suppressing your TSH anyway as it doesn't need anymore, so your thyroid won't be producing any T4. How much levo (T4) are you taking? It takes a while for T4 to get into the system so what you have been taking might not yet be shown in your tests. Sorry, don't know whether you are hypo or hyper.


If you take T3 only then your Free T4 result is going to be low. Only a Dr can advise you unfortunately, as what works for us doesn't work for others :-)


T3 over range with suppressed tsh is thought to be linked to osteoporosis. 75 is a lot.... Would suggest there is something else causing resistance. Have you checked, iron, ferritin b 12, folate, oestrogen progesterone, magnesium and so on? It's not working for you... Don't keep upping the dose regardless...... Ow are your adrenals? Have you tested them?.


Hello i haven't checked those recently...they weren't brilliant last time tho. To be honest i haven't really been caring for myself well, very apathetic, very fed up with thinking about all this constantly. I think Dr P will be very disappointed with me. We moved house again last month, in the country, wr have our horses in a paddock out the does help a bit as it had slowed my pace of life down but in not smiling much. I have a gp spot Thursday...i font know what to say to him really...he is useless too. I think im going for anti d's losing my spirit and strength again....and certainly cannot be bothered with much.....

it is nice to hear from you again are you getting on? k xx


Hi, good that you remember me :). Am busy all the time and not much time for the forums any more. I upped my dose of nt last January and have never looked back. Thought I was ok on 3 grains, but upping to 4 is brilliant. Off sailing for a week tomorrow, and currently trying to pack!. And am working full time now too......

Get a check on everything, it takes phenomenal amounts of time and patience, but I swear its all worth it in the end! Xxx G


I have tinnitus too, also on T3.


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