Can anyone shed some light on my recent blood results please?

My THS level is now 7.04 and T4 10.09. I dont understand what these mean. I have been experiencing symptoms for 18 months, but as i just had my daughter, i just put alot of them down to that. Hair loss and feeling achy and tired went with new baby i thought. I have been put on 100 levothyroxine 8 days ago and just feel worse then ever now. Im like a zombie, headaches, foggy at best. If i could i would be sleeping, but not a lot of chance of that with a little toddler. I just wanna feel normal again.

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  • You are hypothyroid or you have post partum thyroiditis but i suspect the former

    what familiy history of autoimmune illness etc is there

  • Thank you for your reply.

    Im not really too sure on my family history. I do think my Aunty has underactive thyroid, but we dont stay in touch. I dont know the hows or whys. My GP said the pregnancy could have triggered this and she waited to see if i would go back to normal. But now, she said i wont and need to take the medication. I feel a lot worse taking it.

  • I am sorry you are feeling unwell. I wonder if 100mcg straight off is a bit high as usually you begin at 50mcg and work up by 25mcg around every 6 weeks till you feel better. It is worrying when you've just had a new baby and have to deal with feeling awful.

    Your thyroid gland could settle down and this is an archived link which gives an explanation of hypo in pregnancy. Read from the third question onwards:-

  • Thank you, now baby in bed i can sit down and will give it a read.

  • While you were pregnant the Progesterone helps the thyroid function. After the birth you lose this support and feel worse.

  • Its confusing that i had so many blood tests through the pregnancy and it never came up, but started to show up 6 months after. Only problem was extreme sickness start to finish. I keep reading up but i cant seem to understand what im reading. When i look at peoples comments 95% of them are negative. Disheartening as hoping you just take medication and feel better. Its not looking that simple though.

  • Sorry for the confusion by thyroid treatment is not always simple and can be quite complex. One of the problems is that doctors have tried to simplify it too much, with a TSH blood test and treatment with levothyroxine. This leaves many people still suffering from all the symptoms of hypothyroid.

    Firstly doctor tend to rely on the TSH result to decide if you are hypo, but TSH is produced by the pituitary and is not always a good indicator of how your thyroid is performing.

    Secondly the "normal" ranges in the UK are much too wide meaning that many people are told that they are "normal", but the same result in many other countries would be regarded as hypo or hyper.

    Thirdly, there is a group of people with reduced sensitivity to thyroid hormone, who because of good thyroid levels are told they are normal. There is no test for their condition and they tend to be given the label of fibromyalgia or ME. These people also need thyroid treatment.

    The labs that do the blood tests often present the results in different ways, which means that it is important to post the normal range as well as the result. Without the range I cannot tell if your T4 of 10.09 is high or low.

    Do not be discouraged - the long term members of this forum are not negative. It has often taken time but they have won through and have restored their health.

  • It does appear to be complexed. My result range were 10.09 between 12-22. From the information i have looked at, i noticed there ranges were different, but i wasnt sure if it was different guild lines or just different tests slightly. Over the past 3 blood tests iv noticed that my, 3t4? level is going down, between 12-22 and my tsh?level between 0.27-4.2 is going up.... As much as i have tried to understand what this means, im afraid its not going in.

  • The TSH is the messenger hormone produced by the pituitary, telling the thyroid to make more thyroid hormones. As your T4 goes down it is natural for the TSH to go up - it is telling the thyroid to make more T4.

    You were giver 100 mcg of levothyroxine (synthetic T4) as a starter dose and it is likely that you will need a higher dose before you feel well.

  • Oh ok, thank you, that actually makes sense. I hope it doesn't take too long to get to that point. Going to keep positive as im sure that will help me. Im losing my hair quite badly at the moment, and have been since i had the baby, along with the tiredness and aches, but i have not put on weight yet. Im around the same. I should use this as a warning to start a much healthier lifestyle. I dont exercise and dont really eat healthy. Little changes here and there for me from now on. Thank you for being patient with me and taking me through the basis.

  • Claiire, if you can, I would recommend you get Dr Peatfield's book Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy. It is available in hard copy or on kindle. It is easy to understand and written in such a kindly tone too, I'm sure it would help you understand everything. I am so glad I got it, it really helped x

  • Thank you. Ill look it up tonight.

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