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Hi All, I'm new to this site. Does anyone know what Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are. My test results show 287 iu/mL (High levels)

The reason i'm asking about these levels is that my GP said this could be a problem for me when I try to get pregnant in the next few months. I started with overactive thyroid which went unnoticed for years (started around 2006). I had radioactive treatment and now have an underactive thyroid (now had this for approx. 3 years and take Levothyroxine at 150mcg one day and 125mcg the following day). My TSH levels show as 3.67 mU/L. The GP couldn't understand why the antibody level was so high when my TSH levels are what she said 'OK'.

I've read some scary stories about miscarriages, birth defects etc which has scared me.

I was taking Methotrexate for Psoriatic Arthritis but I stopped those 8 months ago in a bid to try for a baby. I've also got Pernicious Anaemia and have 3 monthly B12 jabs but my husband also gives me extra jabs, my B12 level is 304 ng/L.

Is there anything you can do without a GP to lower the antibodies levels?

Also is this definitely something which could affect getting pregnant.

Any help or advice at all would be most appreciated.

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This site will help you with the answer to your first question

There is also a lot of info regarding Hashimoto's and pregnancy. I'm no expert and so would prefer it if you just searched and found out for yourself. There is a lot of information out there but your doctor should explain it to you. Trouble is most doctors know less than the people on this site!

Good luck.



Thank you for your reply. I must say I did do a search and found lots of things that have scared me quite a bit, risk of miscarriage etc. I'd prefer to get my problems sorted before we start trying for a baby but I don't have a big window to try as I need to get back on my methotrexate as soon as.

I'm going to go back to my doctors and ask for my levothyroxine to be increased as most sites say a TSH of 1 - 1.5 is the best so mine is still a little higher. I'm going to print everything off so they can't say its normal - like they usually do.

Many thanks for your reply.



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Hi I am currently 25 weeks pregnant in late stages of 2nd trimester and so far so good so there is hope that things can go smoothly x

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