Olive Leaf Extract

Hi all

Has anyone tried this narutal remedy? My daughter is over the moon with her results. It cleared her gum infection and oral thrush in couple of days. Apparently it helps with lot of things but particularily good for vascular conditions. As I have seroma on my neck after my TT ( it was lanced on Monday but nothing has happened yet ) I was thinking to try this. I am such a chicken though with natural remedies because I don't want to jeopardize anything and I got it in my head that these do take some effect away from thyroxin.

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...yes I tried it when I was in the UK and had a book on it - umm wonder where it went ? Italy is so good on research into lots of areas including the Olive Leaf Extract and from what I read it helps lots of conditions. I think it also boosts the immune system. I live in an olive grove in Crete and have 57 trees and have still not managed to use the leaves !! Of course we have our own oil and it is delicious ! It is a certain ingredient - oleuripen - from memory - that is the active ingredient in the leaf....please excuse the spelling.

I suggest you do some googling and take a look if you haven't already. The remedy is probably as old as Hippocrates !! Go for it - I think Higher Nature had the book about Olive Leaf Extract.....

Hi Marz , yes you are right it was used by Ancient Egyptians ... and there you are sitting in your own Olive Tree orchard! I love olives as it is , and daughter said when you burp the taste comes in your mouth lol ..don't mind that :o)

..the book is also on Amazon - Olive Leaf Extract....

Ok thanks will have a look right now :o)

Oh you lucky lady how wonderful to be living in Crete and with olive trees for company....that would be my idea of heaven.... and fresh olive oil on your greek salads no doubt.....I only ever use olive oil soap.....a wonderful gift from the Gods... will definately read the book.....I hope one day to return to Rhodes where I became smitten with the Greek culture......have a good day......

I read the book years ago but have forgotten what it's main purpose is? :0)

..boosts the immune system I believe along with all the magic that brings !

god bless that then! lol

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