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Hello all a question on behalf of my partner Andrew he has suffered from fybromyalgia for 10 yrs now he really suffers bad from this terrible disease it is very debilitating for him he hardly ever goes out anywhere he has been reading about olive leaf extract and its benefits I just wondered if anyone out there had tried it and if it does help and also where I could get it from any advice please

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  • Yes it can be helpful for auto-immune issues and I read recently it can help raised cholesterol :-) I live in an Olive Grove and we of course eat our own olive oil. However the active ingredient is in the leaf of the olive tree - oleurprin - or something like that. I did once take it before moving here in 2004....

    Not trying to be controversial - but has your partner been tested for Thyroid ? I was once diagnosed with Fibro some 16 years ago. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2005 and have slowly regained my health by following suggestions by others on this forum. People point you to good information and then its lots of reading :-) He will need to have the FULL profile done and NOT just the TSH. You will need the FT3 and the FT4 - also the thyroid anti-bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. At the same time also have tested - B12 - VitD - Ferritin - Folate - Iron. I am guessing all these will be LOW...

    If you type Fibro into the Search Box on the Green Bar - then press Enter - lots of posts will appear. The subject has been well discussed here.

    You can read my edited profile by clicking onto my name !

  • Thank you Mars for advice I have said to him many times I think he has got thyroid problems and should be tested but his Dr said he didn,t think he needed to have his thyroid tested even though he is cold hands and feet lostlots of weight ddon't sleep well at all day or night think we will have to go back to drs and ask again

  • healthunlocked.com/search/f...

    Sorry but your Doc is out of order. Is he clairvoyant ? Is there any possibility you could have the tests done privately ? There is information on the main Thyroid UK website. Adrenal problems are also linked with Fibro and in turn linked to the thyroid. The Endocrine system is like an electrical circuit - when one bit goes down - then the whole circuit suffers.

    Make a list for when you go to the Docs - don't ask - politely and firmly tell him what it is you want tested....

  • Hello Mars your absolutely right his Dr shouldn't just presume he hasn't got thyroid problems I believe he should change his Dr because he doesn't really listern to Andrew apart from sending him to pain management and cognitive therapy and it was only through paying privately him getting the fibro diagnosis looks like doing same for blood tests

  • Have you heard of Dr Lowe - sadly he died - but he wrote the book - The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia. You can see the book on Amazon at HUGE expense. He was an exponent of T3 only - for his Fibro patients. Thyroid should be ruled out with the CORRECT testing before anyone is given the diagnosis of Fibro. Fibro is an illness that came into being when they changed the thyroid treatment from natural to synthetic - they couldn't get the doses correct and so people began suffering with a myriad of symptoms. Fibro - became the new condition. Also at the same time the levels for testing were laid down and Docs training changed - whereby they were taught to look at the blood test rather than the symptoms presenting in front of their eyes....

    Did you manage to read my profile ? :-)


  • Olive leaf extract is a very good anti viral ( so I am told by my very knowledgeable friend). I take it every day (when I remember!). I believe lots of problems that are autoimmune or inflammation related can be caused by viruses (not sure that is the correct plural!).

  • I'm also a male with ME/Fibro, and they left me hypo for at least 12 years before I insisted on more blood tests, and was found to be hypo. I have been better, but not well, since I went on NDT. High does of sublingual B12 (the doctors won't even refer me to a hematologist for proper B12 testing) have also helped. Other than that I have tried almost everything without success.

    May I say shortytree that you are an absolute angel sticking by your partner. I would not ask any woman to share my life as it is with this condition.

  • Thanks hypopotamus I have thyroid problems so I do see similarities in my partner he's also got spondulosis of lower spine and copd his spine problem was before the fibro he had gone years arguing with his Dr before paying private to see a rheumatologist who said he had fibro and yes its been a hard struggle for him and he has tried so many things which haven't worked its sad how it has robbed so many people of there lives

  • Back problems go hand in hand with Fibro - Why ? Because you need good levels of T3 in the muscles so they can do their job correctly. Our bodies are like tents and the muscles are the guy ropes holding us up - so when the guy ropes sag the tent falls down :-) I have had my lower spine operated on - at great expense in Germany. Now that I am wiser about B12 deficiency and Thyroid - I can see that the spinal cord had been compromised by the B12 deficiency which showed up on MRI's as stenosis.

    Also Check out COPD and Thyroid - on Google :-) You may find some articles that may be interesting :-)

  • Hello again marz thank you once again for all the info I've been doing lots of reading yes I have just read your profile you have had it rough yet you have managed to keep ahead of your conditions and keep active my partner at the moment doesn't handle his illness very well but obviously if he can get these blood test done there might be some sign of relief for him he believed he started with fibro /thyroid problem many years ago he was bitten by an insect on his lip he had a bad reaction swelled up terrible he was doing excavation work on an old refuse tip he had handled a lot of really old green bottles looked like old medicine bottles since then he went down hill Dr just kept fobbing him off for years this were the days when drs didn't believe in fibro and he had to under go verious medicals physical and mentally now we are getting more knowledge were feeling more positive thank you again

  • ...just wanted you to read so that you know it is possible to find wellness. There is a great book by Dr Neil Nathan - Healing is Possible - which he describes as a book for people who have fallen through the cracks of modern medicine ! I think that fits so many of us both on and off this forum :-) He describes his protocol for sorting people and starts with the adrenals !

    Wishing you both well..........

  • Did he eliminate gluten From his diet? From what I understand gluten and many grains can cause fibro symptoms.

  • Hello tinamd no he's not tried that neither have I going to give it ago though

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