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Your thyroid medication and its safety

Some alarm has been expressed today about the use of certain thyroid medications.

Please remember that each person's needs are unique to them. Some do well on Thyroxine, others on Natural Dessicated Thyroid and others on T3. Some need a mixture of them and the addition of other supplements in order to feel better.

The correct thyroid replacement for you should be a worked out with your doctor. Even using different brands of the same medicine can be very important to certain people.

This page from the main Thryoid UK website should help to reassure any of you who are worried that there a many options available for you:

Jane x

2 Replies

Thanks for that very sensible advice Jane.

Liz x


I shall in a few minutes go to the kitchen, take my levothyroxine, go to bed. Then get up at 07:00 ready to start work at 08:00.

A list of possible side effects of a medicine, especially where they are almost entirely confusable with the effects of being under- or over-treated rather than occurring even with the optimum dose, is certainly not going to stop me taking what has been for me a very definite improvement from taking it.



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