Had a blood test taken last week for testing sex hormones and menopause, phoned surgery got results back - normal, well am at a loss now as

not had a period for 4 months, do you think it could be down to my meds? am on 100 levo, am due to see an endo, just waiting for an appointment (I must say am relieved its not early menopause) BTW not a chance of being pregnant!

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Hi Mandy,

I'm 47, 5 periods last year, 2 this year so far!! I'm on 100mcg of Levo (Hashimoto's) and have also had menopause test for hormones and I'm not going through it either yet!!

I think hypo can cause Ovarian failure, does anyone else know if this is the case??


Thanks for reply Natalie - I must say it is nice not having them but my moods are all over the place as well. I am 44 and been hypo for 14 years.

I agree totally lol my moods are too, is not nice!!

Sometimes angry, really irritable, crying gor no real reason and quite anxious too at times!

I'm starting to think maybe its to do with adrenal glands cos go to bed cos tired, difficult sleeping and then up early.

Dam thyroid problem stinks, is such a rollercoaster don't u think?

Natalie x

Yes it is a roller coaster - have managed to get GP to call me tomorrow have got a telephone slot, where do we go from here. Natalie you mention adrenals - what do you mean? x

Well I'm thinking its not all hormonal because, I feel quite racey at times and then come crashing down. I'm tired by about 7pm but end up going to bed at 11pm and find it difficult getting off to sleep. Toss and turn all night long, wake up around 530am and can't lie in. Normally up before 630 every morning. I feel quite anxious at times too.

Don't get me wrong, I also have been sweating loads lately, before all of these issues, I could go in a sauna and not sweat lol... could be both hormonal and adrenal problems.

Natalie x

Well I got my telephone call from GP and the receptionist read it wrong I am menopausal going through the change, he said yes it's early and started talking about HRT but I couldn't answer him I was shocked yesterday wasn't today was / can't think about it right now, so annoyed with the receptionist upset and confused - something else to read up on! x

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