Day 5 of levothyroxine

Spring cleaned the house today, done all the washing, and had the balls to weigh myself... Lost 5lbs! Ok so I drink water and hardly eat but it's put a spring in my step! I did have tsh levels of 100 and t4 of 4.4 so I am aware that recovery is a long way of but after googling hypothyroidism and looking at the pictures of swollen faces, swollen necks, bulging eyes and so on I'm more determined then ever to cure this! It is postpartum hypothyroidism and I will be one of the 80% of women that's goes back to normal! Positive thoughts woo hoo :) also seeing a herbalist on Monday to try some Witch medicine and starting yoga :)

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  • Great news - good luck with the yoga and herbalist :) xx

  • Hoping it helps with the dark circles under my eyes. Are dark circles a symptom of hypothyroidism x

  • It must be Spring and it has put a spring in your step. Best wishes and the only way is forward with determination - mind you, we have to have good/knowledgeable GP's

  • The herbalist sounded more clued up to be honest! But suppose she would be charging 40 quid just for a consultation then for prescriptions. But no doctor can replace the nutrients what my body has lost during pregnancy and I need guidance so a herbalist is the way forward x

  • Excellent, Sam. Get out and get some sunshine, vitamin D will help as well.

  • Had a very bad day today. I feel like I'm dieing and I keep getting hot sweats. Is the shitty feeling normal? Ugh.. Been in tears and so jealous of people with normal thyroids!!! X

  • You know what, you just used up your reserves yesterday. But at least you know you can have a good day. Just pace yourself. I know when I have to extend my strength, I'll pay later.

    I know someone who has gained quite a bit from her herbalist. I could mention you to her and maybe compare notes. She's quite helpful. Or, you could ask for general advice on how others have done on herbs.

  • Yes please. I'm very interested in herbal medicine, reiki and anything like that. Also, is this annoying ringing in my ears normal?

  • Hi sam, I'm sorry to say tinnitus is very common with this. I don't know if it's part of the inflammation problem or what. I've had it for years.

    I will send her a message to be in touch although she just left for holiday so she may not get to it immediately.

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