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My Vit D was very low at 22 in April Calcium 2.41 (range 2.20 - 2.60) I do not have the corrected calcium. I have been supplementing with a Vit D spray of 6000iu. daily. My test last week revealed it had gone up to 97

(range 75 -125) Calcium 2.44 (range 2.40 - 2.60) corrected calcium 2.49. My question is should I keep supplementing with the same dose or cut back as my Vit D level has gone right up and my Calcium has gone up a little. If I reduce the dose what should I now be taking.

Many thanks browny

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It's summer.. if you're getting out in this nice warm weather you don't need as much.. I take 5000i.u in the winter and 1000 i.u every other day in the summer.. up to you but VERY high vit D is not good.. Range says 200 is probably overdoing it.. so on 97 you're fine.. I would go to every other day of what you're doing..


Your VitD levels have gone from 22 to 97 in a few months, I think you know yourself that you need to cut down your supplements to, at least, 2,000iu if not 1,000iu.

Your calcium levels are fine and nothing to worry about.

Moggie x


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