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sudden bloating!

this is a side-question from the current weight loss thread that i joined in but i wanted to ask my own question..

been on 50mcg eltroxin for 2 months, lost a few pounds to begin and felt quite happy..however the last week or so, despite eating healthily, im bloating out like a balloon, all round the middle. Its depressing to say the least but also a bit worrying...

im sure its all fluid, is it worth going to the doctor about? i feel like im always there...i last had bloods 2 weeks ago and my tsh was 2.57

or can anyone recommend any supplements?

Is this normal?

thanks in advance.

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If your TSH is that high you need an increase of thyroxine. You need to aim to get your TSH below 1 and your T4 at the top of the range. You may find you are well before you reach these levels but most people need to pass them to feel well.

If your doctor won't listen (because your TSH is in range) get a copy of Dr Toft's book 'Understanding Thyroid Disorders'. It is written by the former chair of the BTA (responsible for the currently thyroid treatment guidelines) and published in association with the BMA so your doctor shouldn't really argue with what is said. In there he says about how TSH needs to be below 1, or even suppressed in some cases. The book costs about £5 from many local chemists and a bit less from Amazon.

I really think the symptoms you are experiencing are due to being under-replaced. Effectively, you are still hypothyroid. I hope your GP gives you the increase you clearly need!

Carolyn x


As for supplements, get the following checked;

Serum iron (needs to be well in range)

ferritin (stored iron - best if it's 70-90)

folate (needs to be around 12)

Vitamin B12 (should be above 500)

Vitamin D (should be in the reference range)

If you are low on any of the above according to the reference ranges your doctor should treat you. However many of the reference ranges are too low, particularly for iron, folate and B12. You would have to supplement yourself if your results are below the recommendations above but within the NHS ranges. Low levels of these are very common and could be contributing to your symptoms.


And you should see a doctor about sudden bloating. It may well be your thyroid but it's a good idea to get checked out just to be sure :) Hope things improve soon!



thanks so much, youve been a great help over the last couple of days, i really appreciate it...i really am trying to hold off going to the doctors but i suppose i should...the thing is, my doc is very nice and concerned when i see her, last app i mentioned the Dr Toft book and she agreed with me my levels should be alot better, but then she takes bloods, they come back "normal" and i only speak to the receptionist not her. and thats that!!

its frustrating...

i will get those vitamin levels checked though.

thank you!! :)


Hi there gracegirl78

Have just read that you get your results from reception.

I do,too,but would advise you to go to the surgery and ask the receptionist( or doctor if you are seeing them) for a printout when ever you have blood tests.

As has been said before....They can't refuse to do that and it will enable you to build a record of what is happening and what progress or otherwise that you are making.

Best wishes X


And make an appointment with the GP while you're there. She may have forgotten what you discussed or didn't want to do it through the receptionist. She would really want to see you to change your dose anyway.

Give it a try. You might be surprise :)

Let us know how you get on

Carolyn x


thanks Carolyn, i think next test i will tell her i will make an app to discuss the results, this would be ok wouldnt it? honestly im so scared they will think im making it up and just hassling them, thats really silly i feel that way isnt it???


I think you should make an appointment anyway as you clearly aren't well at the moment. She might surprise you :)


thanks Marfit,

ive written down my results since diagnosis, had 3 tests in total


Have you tried gluten-free? Or lactose-free?

I'm sure that I seem to remember something on the Forum that diuretics should be avoided for thyroid sufferers.


50mcg is a starting dose and after about 6 weeks you should have had a blood test and increase in meds. It is usual to add 25mcg frequently till you get to a dose in which your clinical symptoms have diminished. Some GP's keep you 'within the TSH reference range' which most probably wont help. We aim to have a TSH 1 or below.

Swelling is one of the clinical symptom of hypo.


thanks folks!! the support on here is great...

i think half the problem is this: my tsh came down rapidly from 118 to 3.23 in 4 weeks, then to 2.57 in another 3 weeks..i suspect my doctor doesnt want to over medicate me, and is waiting to see what happens, although she KNOWS im still having symptoms...i was in bits at my last visit, and i think she panicked a bit and prescribed me anti-anxiety meds...which she shouldnt have really as she knows im still breastfeeding and they arent suitable!

thankfully i dont seem to have swollen any more today, but im taking waterfall tablets so maybe they are helping.

also, i had taken my eltroxin before my last test, would this have made much difference?

my t4 was 16 (10-22)


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