can hypo make you really dizzy even if it started before my bloods showed anything? im just slightly hypo with no other symptoms but vertigo

im only on 25mcg levo for two months. these levels are normal as of last week nt sure what they are. my dizziness is still here and i dont know if anxiety or ear problems are causing it. its going on since january its so scary i feel like my surroundings arent real like im in a dream i hate it. im only 24 with 3 young children im struggling to enjoy feeling like this :(

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  • I've struggled with Levo same dose and just dropped it back to half. TSH had halved.

    Fed up with memory getting worse , low mood and slight imbalance coming on a bit too readily.

    I'm very acute about my physical wherewithall- and don't like the Levo 'heaveHo' one bit!

    So it's not imagination- you're probably sensitive to pharma stuff, like me and must tread warily.

    I feel better after 2 days reduced dose.

    Don't reach toxic limits- which vary in all of us.

    This seems to be a target GPs aren't too worried to go near- but we take the damn stuff!

    Of course, you're left with finding an alternative with little available, but this is medicines responsibility.

    Don't change dose without discussing with your GP, though.

  • my dizziness has been here here since january and i went on levo in july its improved but still there. the meds didnt cause the dizziness x

  • Ahh, the dizzyness has improved. That's something- but hormones are strange things :)

    I was identifying more with the dream state, though. Given the long time constant of T4 it's often difficult to separate the various long term issues.

    I appreciate the problems of having children to care for adding to the mix. I have 7.

  • Have you had factors checked, such as a full iron panel (for anaemia,) Folate, B12 and Vit D? For the body to deal properly with Levo it needs good levels of all these. I wonder if your iron stores are low, especially if you have had three babies in the last few years. For years I was blaming Levo and cutting back my dose and insisting I could not take a higher dose. I then moved to taking T3 and found this site and realized other issues were causing my symptoms. For a start my iron stores were very low. Your GP should check all these. you need to be at the high end of the reference ranges and not at the bottom end. Ask for a print out of your results and post them here, so someone can comment. Hope you improve soon, I know that "spaced out" feeling and it is horrible. x

  • ive had my while blood count checked im not low in iron. but i havent had vit s or anything checked. these symptoms started before being on levo they have improved but the anxiety is through the roof x

  • Hi All good advice. Also dizziness can be associated with the heart. Worth keeping an eye on your BP. especially if bloods TSH, T4 and Free T3 do not look right ie FT3 too high etc. More likely if thyroid to be T3 but could be any of the things mentioned.

    Best wishes,


  • my bp is always normal. my t4 was low at 10.4 and my tsh was rising it was 1. something but i got results a few days ago just to say they wer now in range x

  • Hi A docs "in range " means nothing! Always ask for a print our, receptionist with the ranges,different Labs ranges vary. This is your right as your blood. Keep . Try and have a FT3 test, even if paying on line, it could make all the difference. The other things too mentioned are very important.Normally we find the T4 needs to be in top third of range and FT3 near the top.

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  • I have suffered with vertigo since my late teens (I am now 54) and the only time I got any relief from it was when I was on T3. I'm not saying you should go on T3 but I am saying that it is definately thyroid related and getting you thyroid leves just right are very important. Since being on iron supplements (my ferritin level was 12 and should be over 70 from thryoid medication to work properly) my dizzyness has calmed down a lot. I still get the odd bout (which could be because my ferritin level is still only in the 40's) but nothing like it used to be and I know exactly what you mean by that "space out or dream like" state that can accompany an attack of vertigo. As suggested above I would get your B12, VitD, iron, ferritin and folate levels checked to see what is happening with them as coping with three children and vertigo must be a nightmare.

    Moggie x

  • Vertigo with the 'spins' can be helped with physio therapy. An episode of Doc Martin covered it.

    Your gp should be able to tell you what to do on the telepohone, unless your gp thinks it too 'alternative' for them. In which case ask for a qualified physio therapist. Sometimes they shake your head.

  • My vertigo seems to be, at least in part, related to B12. If I stop my B12 the vertigo returns with a vengeance. When I'm on the B12 constantly, I hardly ever experience it. I still get mild dizziness but only when I move my head quickly but it is nothing like the full-blown vertigo I used to get.

  • Interesting. My B12 is not too low ,but folate high >20 indicating something out of whack.

    I wonder if Levo 'dizzyness' was the call for B12 kicking in as it's needed to process it?

  • If folate is high, homocysteine could be high because the B12 is only 'normal'. This could cause the problem.

  • Thanks, I'll check it out again. Did know a link existed

  • I'm glad you understood me. I just read it again and realised my writing isn't exactly on top form today! It's been a tough week!

  • No probs C, you have a lot on :)

  • Yes. First full week of term with 27 new names to remember, plus the 8 children from the other class that I teach for one session a day and all the craziness that goes with a new class. I actually woke up Thursday night in a panic from a nightmare where I was in school. It had been a particularly mad day. At least I'm coping with this sort of thing much better now I'm feeling better, but I feel like I could sleep for a week :D

  • Know how that feels Carolyn (the sleeping for week bit). I am still doing twelve to fourteen hours days at the moment and could just about drag myself out of bed this morning - and I have still got another month to go (if I servive that long).

    Moggie x

  • The link is reversed C, ie: it's LOW folate or B12 that leads to high Homocysteine. High levels can affect brain function and arterial walls!

    I'll post separately this handy site for this info.

  • you have your hands full 3 children ..having babies upsets us women and stress is not good for us ..the dose is low but some start on a low dose and see if things improve with thyroxine levels ...if no change you must see GP again for advise ..ask to be checked for anemia also need to be fit to look after your family ....Good Luck!! ..and do not be dispondent Margaret :)

  • hi well my thyroid levels have improved and are now normal. i also have had my iron checked and thats fine also. so i dont know what to do now x

  • I suffered with vertigo/dizziness and feeling spaced out, both before diagnosis and on T4 only.

    I am now on Armour thyroid (made from dessicated pigs thyroid glands) and these symptoms have completely gone. It looks like I was unable to covert the T4 to T3 very well, so the addition of some T3 in the Armour has been the answer for me and I wonder if you need some T3 too? It would be really good if you could get your fT3 tested along with TSH and fT4 - this would probably show up a conversion problem if you have one. There is also now a test called I thin DI02, which can pick up a genetic problem which causes conversion issues. These tests are available privately - please see the main TUK website for more details xx

  • I have problems with dizziness and vertigo when I am either under or over medicated. Unfortunately you can get very similar symptoms for both but as you had the dizziness before taking any levo I would assume that you are still under medicated.

  • thanks so much to everyone whos replied im gonna go see the dr on monday and see what she thinks i hate feeling like this especially as drs keep telling me its anxiety x

  • My endo told me my symptoms were caused by anxiety too but it was definitely my thyroid causing the anxiety and vertigo. I wish the medics would realise this. Xx

  • Dani, I may have missed something- but though we've talked around B12 here I don't think you've posted any figures on that.

    This is still a high contender- so if you can, get that tested on Monday. It really needs to be >500 - so don't be fobbed off.

    It may make a big difference -along with folate which can also be done.

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