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T3 - Endocronologists who prescribe?

Thank you for all those who responded to suppliers of T3 after nhs refused to repeat prescription - I have now sourced some

As I am going to do battle with the doctor who said that T3 would kill me, do any of you have names of endocronologists who are happy to prescribe T3 - preferably over 100mcg daily. (I take 120 - 140mcg)

I need to take some ammunition with me.

Many thanks.

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Why will t3 kill you? Its not really going to be much of a battle is it? As a rule I try never to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

Xx. G


If you haven't read this link, here it is for information.

Some links within may not wok as it is an archived site.

The British Thyroid Association makes false statements about Natural Dessicated Thyroid hormone and liothyronine so that's why we rarely get it described as GP's are told, levothyroxine alone is to be prescribed.



My Endo will only prescribe up to a maximum of 60mcg and I told him I'm actually taking twice that by self-medicating. I reduced, as he wanted me to do, but felt considerably worse. Next appointment will probably involve an argument and I guess I'll have to accept that the NHS would rather leave me ill.

It makes my blood boil!

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The NHS would never give me more than 20mcg for fear that I would go hyper. This was despite steady weight gain and a rake of other symptoms, so I think you've done well to get 60mcg out of them.


Nope, still buying my own. Have actually upped my dose since then and feel better!


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