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Dont no where to turn

Ive had my bloods done in june my doctor said they were slightly high,so reduced me to 100mg from 125mg which i felt fine on,since june ive slept but loads of weight on even tho i hardly eat,im feeling so low,ive been and told my doctor and he says give it 6mts and we,ll redo bloods,i no my own body and this aint right im sleeping 16hrs and still dont want to get out of bed,my doctor wont listen to me any advice would be so grateful,oh i notice a lot of T4 T3,when i go for my bloods my blood sheet says routine bloods TFT fir monitoring T4 be grateful if someone could explain and do i need to be tested for T4 and T3 thankyou

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Hello Blade

I am not the most experienced on this site and I am sure someone else will be along soon. However, do you have a copy of your blood results so that you can post them here, it will help everyone to comment. A lot of doctors just test TSH, but if you are lucky they will do T4 and if you are very lucky T3. Sometimes if your TSH is way out of range the lab will do T4 and possibly T3. If you could post your results that would be helpful.


Hi Jade

I agree with Jan - post your results, get the actual figures and ranges then post them as a new question...

Blog posts are sometimes missed, and I'm sure you'll get more help if you ask as a question.

Best wishes Liza


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