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Test results, comments please

I live in Italy but will not be able to register with the Italian health service till I am 60 (another 14 months) so I have no GP. I have suffered symptoms for over 9 years, gradually getting worse, but always told my TSH was "normal" Two maternal aunts and my father have all been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. On my visits back to UK I have seen my parents GP who says that middle age spread is to be expected and to eat less and exercise more, that my fatigue and painful feet is due to carrying the excess weight. I was given Orlistat to help lose weight but they have made no difference as I eat a low fat Mediterranean diet. The GP also ignored my low basal temp (never above 36C).

Below are the results done by an Italian private hospital lab last month. I can see that all is within the reference range but would be grateful for any comments, advice.

TSH2.27 ulU/ml(0.22 – 4.51)

T410.20 microg/dl(4.50 – 10.90)

FT41.30 ng/dl(0.71- 1.70)

FT3 1.99 pg/ml (1.45 – 4.90)

AbTG <30(< 120 = Negative; Pos=>180)

ATPO <30( " “ “

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Hi, All of your results are normal, although your FT3 is very low in the range so I suspect you are not converting very well. Selenium is needed to aid good conversion. Also, if you can, check your other mineral and vitamin levels for deficiencies.


How do these results compare with previous tests - are they similar? The AbTG and ATPO being negative suggests no autoimmune thyroid disease - do you know if your aunts and father have had positive antibody tests? As has already been mentioned, FT3 seems rather low. It would be interesting to know if that's been the case in previous tests. This might be the clue to your symptoms.

Fat busting pills like Orlistat seem to be the current fad. They may be appropriate for some people but obviously aren't going to help if you're not consuming much fat anyway! You may benefit from cutting down on carbohydrates. Try having less pasta, pizza, ciabatta, gelato, and all those other wonderful Italian foods. Instead, increase the amount of protein, vegetables and salads. Fresh fruit is good but in moderation because of the high sugar content.


This is the first time I've had a copy of the results, previously I just accepted that my TSH was normal. My aunts and father do not know what tests they have had or their results. Its only during the past year I discovered the Thyroid UK website and realised how much more was involved. At least in Italy it is easy to get a full profile done and you are just handed the printout of results.

Re. diet, I live in Umbria where the local bread is awful and tend to live on fresh veg, salads, fruit and the occasional pizza. But perhaps I should try a low carb diet and a Selenium supplement.

Many thanks for your replies.


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