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How to get a copy of your blood test results?

I had a blood test on Friday and the results came back in to today. When I called to check the receptionist just said they were "normal - no action". When i said I wanted to get the full results and levels she got very shirty and said i would need to request these via writing a letter. Is this correct? Can I not just go into the surgery and get a copy?

Thanks for your help!

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Sometimes the receptionists can be more difficult than the GP's but it is unusual for a receptionist to ask for a written request. Try phoning back and speaking to the practice manager but if that fails then use the link below as it has a letter already drafted out for you to use.

Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.

Moggie x


Thank you very much Moggie. I'm going to pop in tomorrow morning with a letter and ask again. Thank you for the link!

Boy, everything is such a struggle when it comes to having Thyroid disease!


Try quoting a few of the phrases from the link like "you have the right of subject access to make a request under the Data Protection Act" and see if that frightens them but they cant ignore a letter so good luck with it. You might want to add somewhere on the letter about obtaining ALL future copies of results you feel are relevant or you'll be continuously writing letters.

Yep EVERYTHING is a struggle, from GP and their receptionists to family, friends and work colleagues - people just do not understand how this illness works and what it involves (and that includes the professionals).

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie. I've also made a phone appointment with a doctor for tomorrow (it takes 3 weeks to get a face-to-face appointment at my local surgery) and hopefully I can get them that way. If not, I'll be going to hand the letter in.

Thank you x


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