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Entitlement to copies of test results

This old chestnut again I’m afraid.

Previously, if I have asked for a printout, I have received it without any problems. However, for the last four years or so I have mostly had my results over the phone from the GP concerned.

I had some more tests on Tuesday (not thyroid-related). I rang up this morning and was given the usual ‘normal – no action’ flannel, so I asked for a print out. I was told that the doctor I had seen was not in surgery today and they would have to send her a message ‘to see if it was all right’. I had to pin the receptionist down as to when I should call back, so I will call back tomorrow afternoon as instructed, but I have the feeling I will be given the run around.

As I understand it, my results are my data under the Data Protection Act and I am fully entitled to them. What else do I need to say when I call back? Can someone summarise this for me please?

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Information is on the main Thyroid UK website.... Hope it all goes well for you. good luck :-)



Ansteynomad, the GP has obviously reviewed the results as the receptionist was authorised to tell you them on the phone. Contact the practice manager and ask him/her to authorise the receptionist to print off the results and ranges for you.


Its quite simple

You are legally entitled to know every single results figures and reference ranges

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I know that. I was just hoping there was one thing I could quote to short circuit whatever problems I am about to face.


It took three phone calls and a visit, but I got 'em.

Of course they weren't "normal - no action" at all. Ha e posted separately about this.


I've had trouble getting results too, there's always some reason why they're not available,e.g. no test results there (I deff had them!) or no printer blah blah blah. Anyway couple weeks ago following info found through here I wrote to gp practice manager asking for all results for last 15 yrs. Guidelines state that they should reply in 21 days but they have 40 to do so in total. Also they can change a fee for paper ink etc but there is a maximum charge of £50. I've not heard anything yet but am hopeful. I was fed up of being told my results were "normal" I just want to see if there is any pattern of results to how I've felt over the years and docs/endo just don't hve the time to do that. I wait 2-4hours for 10mins of their time which is spent trying to convince them I'm still not right despite my low tsh ,very frustrating.


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