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Tiredness has returned

I don't know what's going on but I am feeling so tired and lethargic again I have felt good lately but over the last couple of weeks all the tiredness has returned with a vengeance all I want to do is sleep and I wake up tired maybe the weather doesn't help I just don't know what's going on, I have hypothyroidism,PA low vitamin D, osteoarthritis and IBS on 200mcg of thyroxine so I want to know if anyone us suffering like me.


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I would get a thyroid gland blood test from your GP, it may well be that you just need a slight increase seeing you are so sleepy.

I am sorry to that you have additional autoimmune conditions and that complicates matters.

I hope you feel better soon.

Reply you have Hashimotos ? Could be you are not converting all that T4 into the ACTIVE T3. It can often be the case in some people and in particular with Hashimotos. Maybe when you have your next blood test it could be worth asking to have FT3 and Anti-bodies tested - if you have not done so already. Sorry have not read your other posts.

I see you have IBS and I'm sure you are doing all you can to keep the gut healthy and balanced. I'm a Hashi's girl with Crohns - but feeling good !

Am happy to help.....


hello mummytina

Is it possible that you have been overdoing it a bit because you have been feeling better? When we are on thyroid medication even when it is close to optimal it is possible to drain the reserves - and of course, we don't have too much of a backup stash in our system. I find that because I have no thyroid at all.

As you know, when you have low vitamin D, that can also contribute to the tiredness.

I have been looking on your history, and I can't see if you have hashi's antibodies, because if you do, and they have become more active that could also make you feel more tired because it will destabilise your thyroid levels.

Have you noticed any obvious changes in your appearance which migh indicate you are under-dosed? For example, I notice immediately because my tongue gets puffy and scalloped, and my eyes puff up. That, coupled with the tiredness, tells me it's definitely low thyroid.

If it is a little while since you last had a thyroid hormone test, it would be a good idea to have them checked, as shaws says.

It is hard to handle when something seems to be going wrong, but please, remember we are not superhuman and we are bound to have ups and downs, try not to get too despondent, it could be just a blip which will right itself.

Marie XX


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