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i have an underactive thyroid , so everyone knows how hard it is to lose weight. please could anyone tell me how to deal with the afternoon tiredness I get. I have managed to lose 1 stone from the 8 st I need to lose , but I know I need to get to the gym, to exercise and swim, which I love , I finish work at 2pm then I want to go and exercise , but the tiredness is so bad I end up going home and falling asleep , please if anyone has tried anything or knows what will work , ill try it, as I need to lose this weight and I know the exercise will help.

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Sunshine, can you post your recent thyroid test results with lab ref ranges and your current meds? it helps people to advise and comment.

You may not be optimally medicated which will make it nigh on impossible to reduce weight. While you're so exhausted you should nap as required and avoid strenuous exercise.

thanks I will call the doctors in the morning and post the results

Hi sunshine, if you press the yellow 'Reply to this' if you wish respond to a particular comment, the person is emailed, otherwise they will be unaware and you may not get a reply if one is required.

Have you tried going home, having a short nap, then going to the gym? And eating healthily and getting a good nights sleep. And of course, checking that meds are right. Good luck

For me the only thing that improved afternoon tiredness was added t3 (prescribed by endo). Also went gluten free and upped my suplements. Weight is shifting veeeerrrryyyyy slowly

the most important thing is, not to stress about losing the weight. You have put weight on because of your illness. You and it are in this for the long haul - so be good to yourself. If you need to nap: nap. You don't need high impact exercise - and it won't help as much with weight loss as you believe. A walk or a swim each day will be beneficial; keeping the blood flowing. But if you're exhausted just getting through a day will be exercise enough. There is a lot of pressure on women (and men) regarding body image. Your doctor will be the first to beat you with that stick. And doubtless other kindly souls will do the same. I've lost friends over it. It's unpleasant - but it's not your fault. The very first thing to do is to find ways of feeling good about yourself NOW.

They say the weight comes off if your meds are optimised. Very much worth exploring that.

Good luck

thank you for your reply , yes I have had all the awful comments as well , just as well my partner has been a rock, and excepted the weight increase , when I have spoken to the doctors about my meds I get the same answer, your blood tests are ok just eat less and exercise . I have to lose the weight as im getting other symptoms that will go if I lose weight, I wish when I had to have part of my thyroid removed I had said no.

Unfortunately being hyperthyroid ain't no bed of roses either. That is how I have come to this inglorious state too. I think Thyroid UK could raise a lorra funds marketing wax dolls of docs who say to patients what yours said to you about weight (and mine said to me; and docs have said to many others here). With pins. Long sharp pins.

oh how I so agree , very easy to send people away with a pill and pull your self together

The mid-afternoon slump is common, not just among hypothyroid persons. I have to work through it, and I've found that taking sublingual vitamin B12 at that time seems to perk me up a bit.

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