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A question for those who have seen Dr P in Crawley

I have an appointment for Monday 15th July at 1.30pm and I am booking my train tickets so need an idea of what time I will be out. I have tried phoning but the office is closed until next Monday.

How long does the first appointment take?

Are you seen on time?

How long does it take to walk to the train station?

Thank you to anyone who can answers these questions for me.

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It takes about 10/15 minutes walk to the station. His office is upstairs above a shop (there is a small row of shops) and I walked past it several times. I have been seen on time and he gives you a good examination. He actually can tell if you have a thyroid gland problem without taking blood tests. If you read 'Tears Behind Closed Doors' you will see what a good doctor he is. The author is Diana Holmes.

I am sure you will be satisfied. He is also an expert on Adrenals. He studied at the Broda Barnes Institute in the USA too.


I was in my appointment for one and a half hour so dont expect to be out quickly. He is very good at listening to all your problems and very sympathetic.


...give yourself plenty of time for the appointment. You can always sit in the Reception area and read a magazine/book afterwards whilst waiting for your train. I've seen him too !

You will have a good experience....


can someone please tell me how much it is for his consultation ? and where exactly he is situated ? many thanks


He has clinics all over the country; I'm going to the main one which is in Crawley. The first consultation is £175 and follow up appointments are £80


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