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North Kent support forum meeting this week! 11 JULY AT THE CRICKETERS, MEOPHAM 11.00AM

I have been trying to arrange another support forum meeting at The Cricketers in Meopham and I only seem to have 2 people who want to attend.

Im quite happy for it to be just the three of us but as it was a while ago that I put the invite out, I thought Id re-advertise it.

So, who would like to come? This week 11.00am at The Cricketers, Meopham for chat and coffee and if anyone wants, they can order food too as the morning follows into lunchtime.

Let me know if youre coming including the people who originally said theyd like to.

Look forward to seeing you.


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Hi Susan,

I plan to be there :)

Look forward to catching up with you.



Hi Susan, I will be there - was just going to message you to see if it was still on and then saw this the Cricketers on the main road through Meopham?? I have to be away around 1pm but that still gives me a couple of hours.

Nicola x


Me again - just hoping for a confirmation that tomorrow's meeting is still happening? Dont really want to drive up to Meopham and find nobody there! I dont seem to be getting my healthunlocked emails the past couple of days so I will check the website for replies later tonight and in the morning.....

Nicola x


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