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NK Support Forum get together. Friday 27 September 11.00am The Cricketers, Meopham, Kent

After a couple of replies to my original post, I am planning on arranging the next get together for Friday 27 September at 11.00 am in The Cricketers, Meopham.

I shall book a table and say that we're having coffee but obviously, some people might want to stay on for a bite to eat.

Please let me know who would like to come and if there are any issues you want me to research beforehand and bring with me.

Hope to see you all then.

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Did you get any responses? If not, you might want to repost :) I'm afraid I'm not in the area or I'd be there :)


Thanks, it's in the diary!

I actually came across this post by accident whilst looking for something else - I'm thinking the new website is not as clear when it comes to seeing blog updates etc., - many people may not have seen your post...... but hopefully there will be a few of us. I have not met up with any fellow thyroid sufferers before so am really looking forward to comparing notes!

N x


I am worried that nobody is seeing this. Not sure what to do. Anyway, as you seem to be the only person who has responded positively, Im going to change the date to October, post it again, in big CAPITALS, and hopefully we'll get a few more responses. Other people did respond but couldnt make that date hence why I think it would be good to try a different date with more than just you and me.


October's fine. The other thing I've noticed (unless I'm being stupid at navigating this new site!) is that you can't see members' locations any more. It was helpful to see if anyone else was in your area (particularly if they'd found a good doctor!). Also we could've pm'd people in the area about the meet-up.......


Cannot seem to get link between us. Would like to meet. I am in Southfleet


Hi .


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