Not certain I am following the Hypothyroid pattern?

I was diagnosed Hypo over a year ago and have been on 50 levo since then. A couple of people on here have commented on it being low and normally only a starter dose but until recently I have felt not too bad. I have, however, started to ache much more and to feel tired (about 6 - 8 weeks) and also have Plantar Fascilitis so on advice from here I have recently started Magnesium with B6 and changed to a better type of B12 - too recent to notice any difference. I am due a blood test tmrw (early)and have asked for everything people have suggested here (although the doctor says no point in having the Magnesium test). Hopefully that will show one way or the other what needs to be done. The thing I have noticed is that my 'symptoms' don't seem to present the same way as others. I ache upon waking but mostly this reduces after 10 minutes of moving about. This morning I spent 2 hours in the garden raking grass, wheeling the barrow with stuff and dragging branches around and felt fine. Fell asleep for an hour after lunch (well I am 57 and need it these days) and when I woke up I could have cried as I ached so much that I shuffled around like someone 30 years older. Again, after moving about for 20 minutes I am now just slightly achy - does this sound similar to other people or could this be something else entirely?

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  • Hi Loobs. It sounds as though you might need a bit of an increase. I have been on 50 levo. for two years but sometimes I give myself a little 'boost' with an extra 25 before lunch. I couldn't take it everyday or I'd be climbing the walls! If I have been busy and feel a bit tired adding an extra bit of fuel to the tank works wonders - all the symptoms disappear for me. Hope you find it works for you too. .

  • Blood test done and I will get the results tmrw/Monday so will hopefully have more of an idea - thanks for taking the time to reply.

  • Loobs, I'm 39 and ache most of the time. I also sleep during the day and if I did what you described I would pay heavily for it. Being stationary makes the areas stiffen as you tend to avoid moving areas of sensitivity, hence why you hurt more after sleeping. If you don't have masses of symptoms, that really doesn't matter, it doesn't make your 'issue' any less important. If it was one of the doctors I saw recently she would tell you its your age (that's what she said to me!), or that you needed to do more/eat less (that too). Ignore negative people who have no clue about how you feel. I would mention your aches and pains to the dooctor and see if they have any ideas about how to help with that.

  • Thanks for that - I was starting to think perhaps mine was based on something else rather than Thyroid so hopefully the blood test I had this morning will help. I would be thrilled if it was Vit D !

  • Hi, this sounds exactly like I was around 18 months ago, even told I had Plantar Fasciitis, but it turned out to be vit D deficiency. I would ask your doc to check vit D levels along with the other bloods.

  • Brill - thanks for that - I had a blood test done this morning and it included Vit D so lets hope it is that! I would love to feel 'me' again.

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