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Blood results need help and advice please

Please help as new to this. I have been feeling really poorly the last few weeks and I feel that it is my thyroid. I phoned my gp and explained to him and he sent me for a blood test. The results are TSH level 0.11 mu/L (0.35 - 5.00) low

My cholesterol is high

My protein level high

My glucose high and my red blood cells are also high.

My thyroid was under active now gp saying over active. But he has said that I will need to stay on 150mg for six weeks untill next blood test. I did take an extra 50mg for two days and felt alot better but gp said it is side affects on to much medication. Help me please.

Thank you

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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. When you say you are feeling really poorly, what are your symptoms? What reason did your GP give for staying on 150mcg of Levothyroxine for the next 6 weeks? Did your GP test your FT4 level and do you know the result?


Did you have a Free T4 test done and what is the range for this if you did?

If you didn't have a Free T4 test done I'm not sure how the GP would know you are Hyper. My TSH is very supressed and I am certainly not hyper


Hi thanks for helping me. My symptoms are sweating most of the day (dripping) feeling that there's something under my skin so need to rub, tiredness in the afternoon feeling really drained, weight gain, swollen ankles. And to top it all depression.

Last year I had a scan for something not related and tjey found a small nodule on one of my lungs. They said it could be scaring but if I get breathless to contact my gp for another scan. He is sending to hos but need to wait for appointment. I am not sure if he is delaying for 6 weeks to see if I get a scan before then, I very much doubt it so what do ypu think? I have not had a T4 test what is that? Regards.


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