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New set of results - help please x

Hi, I posted a week ago about my TSH level and the GPs quaint description of my hard working thyroid which needed to be tested again in 6 months.

I took the advice you gave me and went back asking for further tests asap, these are my new results - not fasting as the first test was but again described by the surgery reception staff, oh yes quite normal!

TSH=5.19 (range 0.35-5.5) FT4 = 12.9 (range 10.5-20) and Free Thyronine (FT3?) =4.6 (range 3.5-6.5)

I suspect hypothyroidism, has a partial thyroidectomy due to goitre some 7 years ago. Do these results look like hypo to you? any advice very gratefully received, Anne

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Yes, they definitely look hypo. In other countries a TSH of more than 3 is considered hypo. Your T4 and T3 are also low in range.

Has your TSH changed since last time? You might or might not be able to persuade your doctor to trial thyroxine with these results but it's worth a try. It would also be a good idea to check again in 3-6 months as it may deteriorate further.

keep a record of your results so that you can see any trends. You may be able to persuade them to trial thyroxine if you can show your TSH is rising.

I hope you get the treatment you clearly need!

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn,

I have decided my GP is a little odd/seems to have lost the plot-she said (when I asked for further bloods) and commented that the previous TSH of 6.2 wasnt normal as quoted but high "you can give levo a little try if you like", I said I would wait for the blood results first, but all this occurred after I wrote a letter querying the bloods and the suggestion they were normal if a little hardworking! So previously on a fasting blood test, a week ago, my TSH was 6.2 now down to 5.19 and the FT4 was 11.2 now up to 12.4 the FT3 wasnt done last time so this is the first result of 4.6.

She told me I was also having a vit d test but no result back for that!

I have an appointment to go back next tuesday to discuss, not really sure what I should be asking for?



The important point is that your TSH is at the top of the range and your T4 at the bottom. You will get small fluctuations but this does show that your high TSH is not down to a virus or anything like that, but to your thyroid not being able to meet the requirements of your body at the moment.

Given that you also have a partial thyroidectomy, it might be a good idea to trial levo especially if you are having symptoms.

Good luck :)


Hi Anne

I'm so pleased you didn't wait another 6 months of suffering before you took action!

I agree with Carolyn.

My understanding is that if your TSH / T4 are as yours are AND you have symptoms then you should be offered a trial of levothyroxine. Having also had a partial thyroidectomy should also indicate that a trial is justified.

If your GP is still insisting you wait, I would consider writing another letter requesting what you want as the outcome of these tests.

I hope you get support soon.



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