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Ferrtitin question

my ferritin was 13 (10-211)

i was described ferritin fumerate 2x 210mg a day in March 2013.

had a retest last week, level is now 42. Same range.

is this a suitable increase? I have seen the GP today and she said she expected it to higher.

i have (quiet) Crohn's disease and she said to mention it at my next IBD appointment as I may need iron infusions.

oh and my doctor also said that I might have ME not hypothyroidism. I did mention my under range T4 (again!) and she said its never been high, highest recorded level is 14.6 (10-20) and I said we'll I've never had my thyroid tested when I am well and optimal health so how can we keep comparing blood levels that are taken when I'm unwell ? Surely that doesn't make any sense? She went quiet, couldn't answer and agreed they were all levels taken when I am/was unwell. So just said, well lets see what dr skinner has to say at my appointment, if he says its not thyroid I will believe him.

thanks for reading x

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You might find it interesting to read an older blog of mine and the responses:




I've been taking tablets for low ferritin for about 6 years now. Ever since I had to have half my thyroid removed & I've had hypo symptoms & the doctors refuse to believe me. My lowest ferritin count was 8 & my doctor actually laughed at me & commented on how it was a wonder I had the energy to walk around as my red blood cells were abnormal.

You may have to take ferritin forever like I do. Always take iron tablets with vitamin c as it helps it to absorb. I take mine with fresh orange juice. Even after taking tablets for years my ferritin only reaches about 30 maximum & that's with very high strengh tablets I buy in America (they are higher strength than the ones we get given on prescription here)

Good luck x


Your going the right way but like me very slowly. I am taking 200mcg's once a day - my ferritin levels started at 12 and after 4 months of supplementing it has gone up to 34. I do know that getting ferritin levels up is a very slow process.

Moggie x


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