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Hyperthyroid suffering badly

As I've previously posted my thyroid are in bad condition . spoke to my gp this morning and they give me the results on the phone .

TSH level is 0.21 ( range is 0.35-5.50)

T4 level is 18.2 mpol ( range is 10-22.70)

That's what they said about my results . I also went to see a private doctor today which gave me propylthiouracil to be taken twice a day . Forgot to mention that I've also done an ultrasound check privately and told me that cold nodules are present . Private doctor said that will be OK with medication . Thank you everyone for the support

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Any idea whether your free t3 was measured? You can only be classed as hyper if you have low tsh and free t3 over range. There doesn't look to be much wrong with the free t4.

Xx. G


Haven't done a T3 test only THS and T4


I'm also reading that when tsh is low you're classified as hypo not hyper . is it just me or this is confusing ?


Galathea is correct and this is an excerpt:

The actual diagnosis of hyperthyroidism is easy to make once its possibility is entertained. Accurate and widely available blood tests can confirm or rule out the diagnosis quite easily within a day or two. Levels of the thyroid hormones themselves, T4 and T3, are measured in blood, and one or both must be high for this diagnosis to be made.


No, you have got it muddled up, or someone has. When your thyroid hormones ( t4 and t3) are low you feel slow and tired and your tsh rises to prompt the thyroid to make more hormones.

Doctors get in a muddle when tsh is raised a bit but t4 and t3 are normal. This can mean that the thyroid is struggling and is having to be pushed extra hard to make hormones.

If you are hyperthyroid, either the tsh can be raised so the thyroid is making lots of hormones it doesnt need because the tsh is telling it to, or the tsh can be low in an effort to dissuade the thyroid from making hormones, but the thyroid can be ignoring the tsh messages.

This is very simplified, and all sorts of other factors come into pay to mess it up... Things like antibodies and iron .....


Is it normal to experience an unbalanced blood pressure ? Sometimes is high then it can go low


Thank you for replying . I've done T4 only and TSH . Do you recommend T3 too ?


Well for a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism you need free t3.

Xx g


Thank you galathea


those results are in no way Hyperthyroid to most of us here

they are the results my husband


4 granddaughters

all strive to keep them from suffering HYPOTHYROID

So struggling to understand what your doctors are doing


Inpeko, I think you have been misdiagnosed. If you were hyperthyroid TSH would normally much lower but FT4 would be >22.70 and FT3, which should also have been tested, will also be over range. Your TSH and FT4 are euthyroid even though your TSH is slightly below range. They certainly don't indicate hyperthyroidism and you shouldn't be taking proplythiouracil (PTU).

PTU will block your thyroid production and make you hypothyroid. Please order a FT3 test from Blue Horizon or Genova via

and see what the result is before taking PTU. PTU is a second choice anti-thyroid drug because it is more likely to raise liver enzymes than Carbimazole which is the first choice for hyperthyroidism.

You can also order thyroid antibody tests via the link above to check whether you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). Hashimoto's attacks the thyroid and as cells die off they dump hormone into the blood which makes you feel hyper. Eventually Hashimoto's destroys the thyroid and causes hypothyroidism.

The links below discuss hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and antibodies.


F.a.o clutter tsh is 0.21 while range is 0.35 to 5.50 as for T4 is 18.2 in range of 10 to 22.70

Just received test result for anti bodies and says 0.1 u/ml in range of >6 . thank you


Inpeko, I commented on your TSH and FT4 above. They are not hyperthyroid.

Antibody result is negative. I think that must be TSI or TRab for Graves. You should test thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOab) and thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) for Hashimoto's.



So, is your hyper getting better since you started taking anti-thyroid hormone medication (or whatever it's called?). I'm just curious. thanks.


I started them today so I can't tell for at least two weeks


When I was diagnosed hyper tsh was under 0.1 t4 was over 38 and t3 18

if your t4 is not over than you do need to have t3 checked as it can't be hyper if they are not over it dosent mean there is nothing wrong just that the diagnosis it's quite right out of interest was you diagnosed by GP or endo GP don't seem to know much about thyroid


Thank you I'll check T3 as well


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