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Recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. A million questions BUT are my children ok???

Ok, basic info. I was diagnosed on 6.6.13 with hypothyroidism, however I have had symptoms going to childhood, some 20 yrs ago. And sought specialist as a child but never had any diagnosis until now. I am 28yrs and have 2 children aged 8 and 3. Both pregancies where deemed low risk and both where born in a midwife led unit with no complications. My son weighed 9lb 3 and my daughter 8lb 3.

My issues now is we where planning on having another baby but my gp has said I would be higher risk and I'm worried I wouldn't be able to go to the midwife led unit....that is we actually manage to have another as I did have diffiuculties conceieving 2nd time which my gp said probably had somthing to do with goin undiagnosed. I'v read a few articles about high risk pregnacies and and possible birth defects which state low birth weight(of which my two where not!) Heart defects and cleft lip ect. It turns out that recently the dentist have said that both kiddies have tooth defects, one has an enamel defficency and the other has a double tooth and they would have occurred inutro if I was every ill or had had a fall(not that I remember these happening-is that because they didn't happen or simply because I can't remember- my memory is awful) Could these linked with me being hypothyroid??

Every where I go, I see signs and sypmtoms. Everything makes sense but am I over thinking ? Does my wrist hurt because it does or because I'm over thinking? Is my son tired beause he may have it or because he jus doesn't want to go to school. He's always tired but never sleepy. My gp said to only worry about him if I feel he isn't thrieving but now I'm noticing things like he's a big boy but eats less than my 3yr old. He also struggles at school

I have a million questions.....

P.s my last results where. TSH 23.76 (0.3.5-5) Free T4 9.6(11-23) I'm on 50mg levothyroxine sodium and nxt blood test due in 3 weeks.

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Hi, yes memory issues and joint/muscle issues can be hypo related. Once you are properly medicated this should improve as your TSH is high and should reduce and T4 too low, should increase. Sorry I can't comment on your children but if you think he isn't thriving could you ask his teachers and then mention your concerns to the.dr again. Whilst there does seem to be a genetic predisposition to hypo it doesn't always happen. Do you know whether your hypo is autoimmune hashimotos or something else?



Hi, thanks for your reply. my Dr has said its auto immune but she hasn't mentioned hashimotos. I am awaiting the results for other auto immune disorders too. I did ring the practise a few days later to query if she actually said it was auto immune and asked for extra info. they got back to me saying it was just hypothyroidism and gave me a print out of info about it, stating that autoimmune was a common cause and that hashimotos was a variation. So i'm really not sure.


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