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my thanx

am really pleased i had come across this site. Rather than my previous moan I thought I would give a bit of history!!

My symptoms have probably been since puberty, as a child I was always the fat one!! In 95 I lost a lot of weight without trying.... Bliss. This continued until 97 when I began to run on fresh air! I didn't sleep much, always on the go but tearful and having palpitations. Thus I went to my GP. he diagnosed depression and I began my prozac journey. march 97 I had a blood test that showed hyper thyroid,carbimazole started. Sept/oct really unwell turns out I was 12 weeks pregnant!! not alot happened whilst I got a neat little bump. My son turned out 59 cm long , 35 cm Head circumference due to my hyper thyroid? he is now 15 and 6ft 1!! Carbimozole restarted but by Oct 99 they did a total thyroidectomy. I have coped over the years and DR's decide occasionally to drop my doseage but I believe now I have found your support I will stick to my guns and take what suits.

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pottyrai, hugs of empathy to you and selfishly I ask you what is the proven relationship between your son's birth length and head circumference and your hyperthyroidism?

My son is very tall and much older than yours nonetheless I always feel concerned for his (possible) genetic inheritance.

My son never ever wishes to discuss health issues inherited or not.

As to your current treatment which I presume is generic levothyroxine please tell me more about that with your recent blood test results.

I have not had a thyroidectomy but swing between hyper and hypo.



Could it be Hashimoto's disease? That tends to swing high or low. I don't know if patients can get testing for the antibodies anymore? My GP refused to test me despite my other auto-immune probs!


No proven relationship at all but having read many blogs it appears big babies are common? I may just have grown him that way !!!!!!

I hope to have copies of my blood tests later.xx


pottyrai, I find that interesting because I was still hyper when I had my son, he was 23.5 inches long when he was born, which I think is 58.75 cm.

He is just over 6 feet tall, whereas I am 4ft 11 and a bit, my brother is 5ft 2 inches, my father was the same, my mother was 4ft 9 inches, and my grandmother was 4ft 8 inches. My son's father was about five inches taller than me.

I' too have had a TT and pretty rough treatment in the last 7 years, but now since finding TUK I won't take any more nonsense!

Together we stand!

Marie XX


I'll try and stand with you pottyrai and marram, but my son was 33cms when he was born six weeks early while I was in the throes of Graves, but should, at that stage, have been about 43cms according to the doctors. His main doctor's name was 'Dr Little', a lovely chap. Had a sub-total when 14 weeks pregnant with my daughter 20 months later and she was born a normal length. My son has special needs and with the help of HGH has reached 5ft 4in. I am 5ft 4in and my husband is 5ft 10in. My son is seeing a new endo in August, so hope he is better than the last one, who I think, was just marking time until retirement.


there well may be a connection with hyperglycaemia -large babies are common in women with diabetes , and hyperthyroidism tends to increase glucose levels in blood.... just a thought


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