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Is my dose too low?


Free t4 .58 (.82-1.77) Low

Reverse T3 9.2 (9.2-24.1)

T3 76 (71-180)

Free T3 2.0 (2.0-4.4)

Labs from this past week. I’m on 60 NP thyroid and 40 t3.

My doc had dropped my dose a few months ago to 45 NP thyroid and it was awful. My levels seemed good before then but it has been a few months and they’re not going back to where they were. Also, I still feel like garbage. He had me on 60 t3 for a bit but I felt like it was too high so he dropped it to 40. It’s been that dose for the past month. I asked him today if he thought I should raise my NP thyroid and he said no because my pulse was fine. Nevermind I feel bad, temp is low (under 97 degrees), bp is always low and pulse hasn’t gone above 130 including during exercise. I’m thinking of supplementing myself with an extra half grain, what do you guys think?

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NDT never got my T4 high enough, even on 4 grains. You might want to consider just using T4+T3 instead, NDT doesn't work for everyone despite what STTM say.

jgelliss in reply to yhickfoe

KODUS !!!! You are so right . Big mistake to buy into what others dose with . We must dose accordingly what our own specific needs are . It should be Customized to Our Needs for our Optimal . Journaling our symptoms having our nutrients in place makes our thyroid meds work well for us . Supporting our adrenals . Adrenals and thyroid /meds work in unison . Going gluten dairy sugar soy free is Very Beneficial too .

danym in reply to yhickfoe

would a combination of ndt and t4 work?

Katurajo1 in reply to danym

I’ve never tried that, my functional doc only prescribes NDT but if anyone else takes both I’d love to hear about it.

With a free T3 of 2.0 (2.0-4.4), I'd say you're undermedicated. FreeT3 is the number that most closely reflects symptoms, and most people need it in the upper part of the range to feel well. Yours is absolutely rock bottom.

I think your doctor is wrong to think that pulse in isolation indicates that you're properly medicated. I think you need to look at the pattern long term, and even then it needs to be considered alongside other symptoms. Personally my pulse was low when I was extremely undermedicated, went up to be in the 90s while I was a bit less undermedicated, and at the moment I'm increasing and my pulse is on a downward trend. It's still a bit high, so I'm hoping when I get to my ideal dose it will be just right. But this isn't the trend I'd expected!

Looks too low. What is your TSH?

Katurajo1 in reply to FranAiken

He doesn’t regularly test my TSH because it’s always suppressed on the NDT

Maybe add sea kelp. It helped me. You can get it with a natural capsule. It adds iodine.

Jnetti in reply to FranAiken

NOT without getting iodine levels tested! :-O

It seems that too much iodine can actually SUPPRESS thyroid function!!!

Katurajo1 in reply to Jnetti

Yes, I have been told to stay away from iodine because of Hashi’s

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