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Liothyronine plus levothyroxine

I had a total thyroidectomy in December 2013 was prescribed Liothyronine post op before having the RAI treatment. I have now been on 60mcg for 6 months and have felt better than I ever felt when on Levothyroxine for the 16 years I was taking them. My surgeon suggested I could now go back on Levothyroxine and I groaned, I explained how much better I felt taking the T3 and how awful I had felt on T4, so he said OK we can put you on a combination. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the dose of each in combination and what did they feel like? Thanks in advance.

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Personally I think "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and I would try to persuade your endo to carry in with T3 only (as this seems to work very well for some). In terms of T3/T4 combos, it seems to be very individual. I am on Armour and am taking 2.5 grains which contains 95mcg of T4 and 22.5mcg of T3. I know that lots of people need more than this though, and some less. I think it is a case of trial and error. Hopefully you will get some more suggestions xx.


Thank you Clarebear that sound very sensible as you say it is working well for me, I can only assume that my body is not very clever at converting the LevoT4 into T3 and that is why I never felt good. I will wait and see what the surgeon suggests, I am not under an endo and my GP has no say in things (thank goodness as they seem to know nothing about thyroid function) so the surgeon is in charge and he is very reasonable. xx


I agree with Clare - if meds are working for you don't allow them to change. T3 is perfectly safe and this is a link for info:-

You don't want swings and roundabouts with your health re your thyroid meds.


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