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Donation of Thyroid Books (Portsmouth Library)

Just wanted to say that I have donated the following books to the local Southsea branch of the library - although the chap at the desk said that they may be forwarded to the Portsmouth Central Libary in due course:

"Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy" by Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield

"Recovering with T3" by Paul Robinson

It may take a few weeks to appear on the library's system as there is a backlog of books that need to be registered apparently.

Have also donated the "Recovering with T3" book to the Endocronology Dept at QA Hospital in Portsmouth. Hope this may be of help!

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That's a very good idea. Many people do not have access to the internet to find out how best to improve their thyroid gland health.


What a great idea! :) We have some very slightly damaged copies of Dr Skinner's book, if anyone would like one for their local library please contact us.

We would ask that you cover the postage costs though - thanks! :)




I rally hope QA hospital bother to read it - might improve the treatment of some of the endos there.


Well done Billyblondehill. I've read those books but I'm sure they'll help other local people who are suffering. Brilliant idea. Southsea library's great isnt it?


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