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Feeling a little more positive today

Hello , after joining thyroid uk and reading other peoples blogs I am now feeling a little more confident. I have requested copies of my blood results. I will post for comments when they arrive. I have decided to revert to my dosage of 150mcg as prior to the drop, i was functioning pretty well. I look forward to participating in the blog.

Big thanx for response from shaw, marie & claire.

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Thanks pottyrai.

I think it is ridiculous that we have to learn/read so much in order to get better, and it may be that sometimes we think that it will never happen and you can get despondent.

As we are all different in our needs it a is trial and error to get the right dose/medication.

Best wishes


Good for you. I hope you feel better on your usual dose. They shouldn't treat you solely on the basis of blood tests (the irony is that many doctors can't do this well anyway as most don't seem to know that your tsh can remain under 1 and you won't self-destruct) but should also pay attention to your symptoms and well-being.

If it helps I don't get the sense that my gp pays much attention to how quickly I use up my levo anyway so hopefully it won't be a problems for you. Good luck and be well.


Thanks - hope you feel better back on your old dose. Xx


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