TSH over 10 and Vit D and calcium issues

After a few symptoms I went to the doctors and asked for a blood test ( family history of hypothyroidism ). The first test results were TSH 10.4 and t4 9. It showed I was insufficient in vit D. They treated for the vit D but said I needed a repeat blood test to confirm what was happening with thyroid. 6 weeks later and my TSH is 11.4 and t4 10.

My calcium levels are now abnormal and they want to retest next week. The vit D levels are not back til next week.

So any ideas what's going on and should I ask to be treated due to the high TSH as last time the doctor said another high result and symptoms would mean they would treat. Awaiting a call back from the doctor on Monday so want to have my facts right. (Typically lovely doctor has now left so have a feeling my battle is going to re start)

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  • In what way is your calcium abnormal, is it too high or too low?

  • I presumed low but will call back and check with them. It was totally normal six weeks ago

  • Calcium is low, called them back to clarify.

    Can anyone help on the above test results? Should I be treat?

  • Hi First if corrected calcium low, you need a vit D test and treatment from GP for both. Thyroid certainly needs treatment, first you need a FT3 test, as I suspect that is too low, needs to be near top of range. I think you will need treatment with T4 and T3, the T4 not too bad, but the TSH much to high, the easiest way to lower this and for other symptoms is T3 script, start with 20mg, split , 12 hours apart. Also if you star with half the dose for a week, side effects less likely. Blood tests 4-5 weeks, later, then doses going up if needed, probably will.Always ask receptionist for a print out of any blood tests + ranges, all different and not a lot of use without them.Routine and keep.

    Best wishes,


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  • Thank you. I was treated for the vitamin D insufficiency last time. Had to take a high dose for 3 days and then one a month. Waiting for the re test of that to come back which should be Monday.

    When I speak to the doctor on Monday I will ask for the t3 to be tested at the same time as they do bloods for the calcium retest. I have a lot of calcium in my diet, always have, so concerned about the low result.

    It's just useful to know what I should be asking and expecting of the doctor. Thanks again

  • Hi Low calcium is far less dangerous than high. If you take vit D, normally for life, unless calcium goes above range, but in yours case the D will not work well without some calcium, if calcium low, N I C E recommend treatment with both.Vit D is hormonal and effects the working of the thyroid, Have you asked for a DEXA scan for Osteopoenia or the more severe Osteoporosis. It is a good idea, but you usually have request it as not enough money to go round !!

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  • I had a blood test six weeks ago and in previous years and calcium has always been fine so not too worried re bones. But will consider it f tests continue to be low.

    I'm glad almost that something is wrong and that there is hope of these symptoms improving.

  • Hi, When you said low, did you mean ,low in range? If so that is good It is only the corrected calcium that matters..It is fine for most things so long as in range, not everything, but high calcium is a nightmare.

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  • Your t4 is also far too low so you really should be getting treatment by now' I would have thought. T4 and t3 should both be at or near the top of the ranges..

    Jo xx

  • T4 range is 10to22 so a fre t4 of 9 is way too low and a tsh of 10.4 screams hypothyroid for which you need treatment

    what on earth are your doctors playing at

    but i suspect your ferritin is very low and this must be treated and back up to at least 70 range is 13 to 150 before your body is able to absorb thyroxine treatment

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