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FSH and LH levels?

Hello, I posted earlier in the week regarding my situ and I am just looking through my medical record that I have just got printed so I can evaluate all my blood test results since I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2008.

In 2009, my FSH was <0.1 iu/L and my LH was the same. On the form it says Abnormal/contact patient. I was never contacted and after looking into it, I feel that I may have a Pituitary problem and have done all along. Here are the normal ranges.....

MY LEVELS -FSH was <0.1 iu/L

Normal levels

-3.5-12.5 Follicular Phase

-4.7-22.0 Mid Cycle Peak

-25.0-135.0 Menopausal

MY LEVELS -Serum LH Level <0.1iu/L

Normal levels

-2.4-12.6 Follicular Phase

-14-96 Mid Cycle Peak

7.7-59 Menopausal

Does this ring any bells for anyone? Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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I would represent the problem to your GP and ask why nothing was done earlier.

A retest must be in order, too!


I think, after research, my levels may have been out due to contraceptive pill? It's hard when you are trying to find answers ! Does anyone know if my levels would have been this out because of the pill? Should I come off it and retest? Any thoughts would be appreciated :)


The birth control pill supresses FSH and LH to stop ovulation so yes you would need to be off the pill to have a re-test. I think you may need to stop it for three months, not 100% sure though.


Thank you for your answers guys! Kind of feel I should come off it if it messes with hormones as much as that that can be linked to pituitary gland. Hard though as my mum got ovarien cancer last year and I know that being on pill reduces risk massively. The reason I am on the pill is because when I'm not I get massive cyst like spots. The doc gave me Dianette to stop this but I worry now that by just covering this up I maybe hiding a different problem.


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