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root canals

Just want to let everybody up here know this. Root canal filling material called Sealapex (the most commonly used one) contains sulfonamides which supress thyroid action.

I was only diagnosed last week with under active thyroid. I had two root canals done one and a half years ago. Since then I just got more and more ill and couldn't work out why, but have always suspected the root canals as the problem.

Before the dentist did the root canals I did inform her that I have an allergy to sulfonamides. I didn't imagine for a second that dentists used sulfonamides or that she would go right ahead and use something that I had told her I was allergic to. Unfortunately an accident happened and the filling material was extruded into my jaw bone. It has been painful and inflammed ever since. It cannot be surgically removed as it is too dangerous and could cause me serious nerve damage. So I am stuck with it for life. I thought well that is bound to make me feel unwell.

It was only when I googled sulfonamides that I found it is in Sealapex . I just read The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive It. On page 191 Dr Durrant-Peatfield lists sulfonamides as a thyroid inhibitor. I have found plenty of mention of scientific articles on line about thyroid toxicity and sulfonamides. I just wanted to share this with you incase others have root canals. Also root canals are very toxic, full of yeasts, anerobic bacteria and nasty chemicals and heavy metals and are very tough for the immune system to deal with. No wonder I got so ill.

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Hi, Thanks Katy for this info. I'm going to make a note to write an article on this at some point.


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