recovered from brain fog caused from root canals after 9 years mutans

drugged by psychiatrist for nine years because of root canals and brain fog, finally got the clarity I dreamed of having, But I see psychiatrist don't want to see someone recover without "Happy Pills", they prefer to diagnose someone "delusional", Claim there pills cleared my brain fog, "stop blaming your brain fog" "stop blaming your root canals" , "I'm not buying that" . It's a damn shame Foreign parents like mine watched there son get drugged for a problem that could've been solved with extractions from holistic dentist but they failed to find one, I hope they're happy with the life there son ended up with because I've never seen adults afraid to speak against providers and keep there mouths quiet in fear that "providers would pay there managers to fire them because they spoke up.. Psychiatrist are the most corrupt bogus providers I've ever seen and use no science at all. It's all Quackery, every last bit of it, It's not hard to sit in a chair and guess prescription drug one after another and get a fat check every 2 weeks.. Hopefully one day the truth will come out and people will be informed because I have no doubt there are plenty of people that experienced the same brain fog I had to experience, the only difference is they managed to get there extractions as soon as possible and weren't fooled into a decade of bogus labels and mind altering prescription drugs.

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  • Yes I agree. I wonder how many 'mental patients' that has in fact celiac, too high cortisol, stomach and gut disorders, mercury poisoning, candida infestation etc etc.

    I was put on anti antipsychotic med for high cortisol!!! At that point I didn't know about cortisol of course.

  • Aseffa -interested to know did you get your root canal (and mercury fillings?) removed?


  • I am convinced my mercury fillings caused my hashimoto's, coeliac and p anaemia + neutropaenia.

    I had my mercury out last year, but after 30 years the damage is done.

    I had an asymptomatic root canal extracted and guess what: within 48 hours my brain fog disappeared

  • Hi, I talked to my dentist about having mercury fillings removed and he was dead set against it. He said the dentist and especially the patient can inhale mercury vapour which is very dangerous to your health.

    I've been having white fillings for aesthetic reasons for the past 20 years, now he's telling me they can cause cancer. I don't think any material is a 100% safe in your mouth. He did acknowledged that mercury fillings would not be approved these days.

  • The thing is, sometimes they need to remove old fillings because they crack, leak, develop decay underneath, etc, so even if they don't buy the 'poison mercury fillings' thing, they will occasionally need to do it, so there must be a way to do it safely.

  • Hi punctured bicycle, I remember having one replaced years back, so there must be a way. You'd think they'd jump at the chance of more fees. I hate the look of them anyway. Must have had white only for close on 20 years now, now worried about oestrogen, I had no idea!

  • There is a protocol for mercury removal, any half decent holistic dentist will know how. There is one type of white filling that behaves like oestrogen, i made sure i dont have that one

  • Hi Bluedaffodil, do you know what the protocol is?

  • Sorry, I've just thought of another question. How do I make sure I don't get the filling that behaves like oestrogen - do you know what it is called, will the dentist know which one it Is? Thanks, Lynne

  • I had quite a long chat with my dentist Bluedaffodil, as I would like my mercury out. He's a young dentist the son of dentists and he seems to know his stuff. He just wasn't prepared to remove them because of the risk.

    What precaution did you have to take to ensure you didn't inhale the mercury vapour?


  • The last thing I need is more oestrogen. Has anyone any info? I just get the white fillings from an NHS dentist.

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