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Advice please Levothyroxine V's Eltroxin????


Recently diagnosed as Hypo by the wonderful Dr S. and was put on Levo but after the 1st week of weight loss, no constipation and beginning to lose the swelling I have since started piling on the pounds.

Not good when you are already double your normal weight just wondered if anyone else had any advice or experience as to whether I should opt to try Eltroxin I am very apprehensive about unnecessary weight gain and just would like my life back :-)

I understand its going to be trial and error but would like to receive some much needed advice on this journey lol

Also wondered if there are any downsides to Eltroxin that I should be aware of?

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Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine and Eltroxin are identical.

But packaged as Eltroxin it is in short supply.

If you are on levothyroxine produced by Actavis, then it might be worth trying levothyroxine produced by Amidpharm Mercury. Or vice versa.

However, it could be a dose issue. Can you explain a bit more, please?




Initially started on Actavis and then needed 25mcg increase so had to have a brand called Work something (sori too tired to fetch packet) but that was from week 3 and effects happened before then and got worse with the addition.

So read a little about Eltroxin and my local chemist confirmed they have Goldshield in so wondered if worth trying this?


Wockhardt is the brand - a company who only produce 25 microgram tablets. Actavis do not make 25 microgram tablets.

Goldshield were renamed Mercury Pharma early last year.

Mercury Pharma were merged with another company to form Amdipharm Mercury Company Limited earlier this year.

So Goldshield is Mercury! :-)

Might be worth a try but am not convinced it will help.



Hi Rod,

Thanks for the info the pharmacy did say that only have to have Work for 2 weeks whilst at thus level and that they only had 2 box's of Goldshield Eltroxin left as they don't order it regular so am assuming that they will then order in Mercury if I do go for the last 2 boxes.

Have you been on Eltroxin (either Goldshield or Mercury) or are you on Levo?

Just really struggling with weight especially around my middle at the mo



I have had Goldshield boxes of Eltroxin and Mercury boxes of levothyroxine. Both were supplied against prescriptions for "Levothyroxine sodium". I am 100% convinced that they are identical to each other.



In your experience have they been useful in managing your condition? I suspose I am just trying to establish if I should steer away from Levo and try other options or exhaust all Levo options before going elsewhere.



Levothyroxine seems to have worked for me. But I am me - and you are you! What has worked for me might not work for you. But realistically you have to give it a fair go.

As I said above, it could be a dose issue. But it could also be a matter of time. One week is not very long.



Very true,

I am pleased it has been very good for yourself but me personally after 3 weeks on it and now increased weight gain I think maybe now is the time to take the advice from Dr S and others.

This site is a god send to new members as so many people around to offer an insight into their own experiences. Without it I probably wouldn't have known and gained even more weight.

Fortunately Dr S pointed out that there may have to be several attempts before we get everything right I was just looking for additional info that's all



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