Trade my Levothyroxine for Eltroxin with Hashimoto's?

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's around 5 months ago and was put on, first 100mcg Levothyroxine and then 75mcg (because of terrible heart palpitations and a feeling of anxiety, it's still there mind you, the reduction in meds did not help).

I have had hypothyroidism for 10 or so years and had always taken Eltroxin 100mcg before being diagnosed with Hashi's, I NEVER had issues with terrible symptoms like I have now. I really think that the Levothyroxine does not agree with me and I think my list of symptoms is possibly a side effect of Levo? Any thoughts? Do you think switching back to Eltroxin may help me?

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  • You might find some useful information here:

    At present, Eltroxin is not available in the UK. So, assuming you are in the UK, that is not an option.

    It is not clear what happened six months ago. It reads as if you were already taking 100mcg and then you got diagnosed with Hashimoto's and continued to take 100mcg. Not clear if there really was a change then or not?


  • Hi Rod, sorry that I was not clear, I am on a different brand of Levo now, before this (5 months ago) I was on Eltroxin and never had issues.

  • Right, thanks - which make are you now taking?


  • I'm on 75mcg Zentiva L-Thyroxin Winthrop. p.s. I am from the UK but am currently living in Germany.

  • Were you on Eltroxin whilst in the UK or whilst in Germany?

    The answer to my question is significant because anything called Eltroxin that you might be prescribed in Germany will not be the same as the Eltroxin that you would have been prescribed with in the UK. The medications are from completely different manufacturers. Eltroxin is simply a 'brand name' and is used by more than one pharmaceutical company. Having the same name on the box does not mean the tablets inside are the same, nor that they will have the same effect for you.

    The Eltroxin branded tablets are not currently available in the UK, but I believe Eltroxin manufactured by Aspen may be available in Germany.

  • The Eltroxin I was getting for most of the last 10 years was in South Africa, then I moved to Singapore last year and was taking Eltroxin there too. It was only when I moved to Germany, earlier this year, that I started to take another brand of Levo. Thanks for the info about Eltroxin, I didn't realise that it would differ depending on where in the world you purchase it. I am not sure where to go from here with the medication, I will ask my doctor when I go back for blood tests.

    But thanks everyone for your answers. The advice on this site helps me very much. It is quite a struggle figuring out how to cope with Hashimoto's and all that comes with it, in a place where English isn't first language.

  • Could you give the Henning brand a go - I've heard good reports about this brand and it is available in Germany.

    Moggie x

  • Or Aliud. :-)

  • If Eltroxin made you feel well previously, it would probably work again. The only problem is that Eltroxin in the UK is not being produced and they do not know when (if ever) it will be.

    Many people who have been on Eltroxin have also had issues with generic levothyroxine.

  • Definitely due to the levothyroxin - I had terrible trouble until I was switched to Eltroxin, all sorts of skin problems and whilst on Eltroxin it all went away. Unfortunately, cannot get Eltroxin in UK any more and guess what the skin problems are back - doctor is not interested just gives me loads of useless cream

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