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Where to now after eltroxin?

Thanks folks for all your encouragement and advice over the last few months. I developed tachycardia a few months ago, had 24hr holter monitor, result - "reasonable", had treadmill test, completed less than 3 mins before I had to lie down due to breathlessness, tightness across chest and down left arm and weakness in legs, pulse was 150. Result "normal". So after lengthy discussion with gp we agreed to stop eltroxin 50mcg daily to see if that would reduce pulse - it did but my hypo symptoms which I have had since March 2103 have got worse. It looks like eltroxin doesn't suit me but where to now?? Last thyroid results marked "stable" so any suggestions as to how to proceed with getting on the right treatment or what questions I should ask gp??

T4 13.5, TSH 1.69 June 2014

T4 11.5, TSH 2.1 Sept 2014

T4 range 12-22

TSH range 0.27-4.2

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chloe, how about your ferritin, B12 and folate? How's your hemoglobin? Could it be possible you are anemic? Are you taking a PPI so magnesium etc. is low?


I am sure there has been a change in the "Eltroxin" as many people who have taken it for many years found they are not so well. Ampiderm(Mercury Pharma) withdrew/didn't supply Eltroxin for quite a while and said that their Levothyroxine was identical to Eltroxin which, again many members disagreed with. I remember one post which said she had taken Eltroxin (Brand name) for around 40 years and had to try various levothyroxines and she hasn't been well since

I had investigations, like you, re tachycardia. It is not pleasant at all and have had extensive heart investigations. I am normal too. My opinion is that there is something in the levo i.e. fillers/binders which may cause a problem in some. Ask your GP if he would give you a trial of T3 (liothyronine) which is the Active hormone and doesn't need to be converted as does T4 (levothyroxine) (or 25mcg levo and 10mcg of T3 which had a calming effect on me. 20mcg of T3 is equal in effect to 80mcg of levo. He could also prescribe Naturethroid which is hypoallergenic and has had a consistent T4/T3 for 75 years (whereas levothyroxine has had lots of recalls). It would have to be prescribed on a 'named-patient basis as it is Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormone. Some links:

gabkad is right about the vitamins/minerals.


Shows is correct. I was one of the people that had big problems with Eltroxin after it was rebranded. Damned stuff nearly killed me! Really! If you're getting Eltroxin then you must be in Ireland as it's not available here in England. If your Doctor won't go along with suggestions made by Shaws then at least ask for a different brand of Levothyroxine like Actavis if available where you are.

Good luck.


Thanks, yes, I'm in ni and got eltroxin from nhs endo as he thought it more consistent in strength than generic levo! Then on a different day he states there is absolutely no difference in generic Levo and eltroxin! My health has deteriorated so much since taking these tabs - really need something different but drs not willing to suggest anything! How did you manage to get something that suited you - is it trial and error?


It was through this forum that I came across NDT and started to self medicate with Armour. my Endo knows I take it and monitors me but won't prescribe it on the NHS so I buy my own. Now settled on Armour I have not felt this well in years and years.


Thanks folks,

Ferritin 58 (13-150)

Vit B12 424 (191-663)

Folate 12.5 (4.6-18.7)

Iron 13 (13-30)

As these were all "normal" in June gp won't repeat them now. I can't take iron tabs as they caused awful side effects previously and gp won't give them now. Is there anything I could take over the counter to help (pm me please if you think there is)? Or what questions should I put to my go on Mon in relation to these results when I've already been told they are fine. Feel like I'm at a dead end - results all normal yet I'm feeling so unwell.


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