Every time my thyroid goes wrong I get so many symptoms with my heart. Is this normal?

I'm on beta blockers and blood pressure/HR is perfect.

But I wake in the night having weird flutters, in the day my heart will feel like its stopping! But I feel like some of its in my head? It only started when the dr confirmed after 5 yrs my graves is out of remission. Any thoughts? Xo Im CONVINCED I'm going to have a heart attack.

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  • 15 yrs not 5. I'd already lost 3 stone so I think I'd been hyper a while with no heart symptoms x

  • First up hang on in there you are not going to have a heart attack unless you want one think of all the people in the remote parts of somewhere like china or south africa never ever see a doctor yet live to 108 every cell of your body it working hard together. It's only when the bad confused cells of the brain kick in and broadcast silly messages like heart attack that the cells change to cope with a false situation try searching some childhood memories the best time ones and think of them as you fall asleep the biggest laughter the nicest day give these memories importance and your body will follow just choose good over bad thoughts you will see !-)

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you :)

  • Positive thinking is undoubtedly good for you but nevertheless these symptoms must be reported to your doctor for his/her consideration. Please do not ignore them, all heart aberrations should be discussed with doctor. I speak from experience.

  • I also have graves and am on beta blockers for palpitations. I have found that replacing tea and coffee with peppermint tea has helped me feel more relaxed and therefore my heart is calming down. I still get the fluttering sometimes and wake in a panic a few nights but overall it has helped me.

    Good luck x

  • Chamomile tea is calming too.

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