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I have Mid morning raised BP, doing the CT3M, does this mean I need to lower my Prednisolone? Can anyone advise me please?


I have been doing the CT3M protocol for a couple of months now. I started on very small doses of 2.5mcg T3 and have managed this week to get it up to 10mcg at 5.00am. My morning BP is the same as normal around 107 over 59, when i stand it either drops by one or two and sometimes stays the same. This is an improvement, as before i started the protocol my pressure was consistantly low around 99 over 52, and dropped when standing as low as 90 over 49 sometimes. My pulse is a steady 69 to 72 every morning.

But this week and especially today the pressure i take at 11.30am has been higher than normal, this morning it was 123 over 72 with a pulse of 85, which this pulse is normal for me in the day. I wondered if this was a signal to reduce my prednisolone further, as i reduced it by 1.25mg yesterday, does it mean i now have too much cortisol. I am a little confused as to what i do next.

I also take adrenal glandulars and have reduced these by two a day, down to six, and i also take 45 drops a day of siberian ginseng and liquorice. Does these help or does it make matters worse while doing the CT3m.

Any help would be great.

Many thanks:) x


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I'm not really sure on this but thought that the idea with CT3M is that you need to gradually wean off all adrenal support (glandulars and cortisol etc), as the CT3M will help your adrenals provide this themselves?

I think to be sure what is happening though you would need to do a 24 hour saliva test.

I think that as you are increasing your CT3M dose, you need to correspondingly decrease other adrenal support.

I am doing the CT3M, but wasn't on any adrenal support when I started. I found the STTM T3 only group really good for advice and guidance on the protocol :) xx


Hi Clarebear,

Thanks for replying, I wasn't sure when to reduce the adrenal support, but have started now and fingers crossed it will be ok. Sometimes you just don't know what to do for the best.

I will do a saliva test, but don't know whether I should wait until I have stopped the prednisolone or not. But at least it will give me some sort of a clue as to what is going on

I suppose.

I have tried to join the STTM T3 only group, but I didn't have a facebook account at the time

so had to create one, but I wasn't accepted, so i will have to try again.

I also posted a message to the yahoo group and never heard from them either, so this group is the only one that actually responds to anything about the CT3M for me at the moment.

Thanks again, I will let you know how I get on with it all, hopefully it will all be good.

Take care,:)

Tracy xx


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