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Sick of feeling wasted/results what do you think?

Hi there,

Can someone advise please?

I have been feeling wiped out/steam rollered for sometime now. I cannot do any exercise without being confined to sofa on and off for days. I am so shattered it's seriously affecting my life. I am irritable/cold feet hands. Some days I cannot do more than get son to school (2 mins round corner) and do a few light household things. I sleep badly. My upper body is weak particularly my upper arms and I can barely lift them if I do too much. It's really getting me down.

I ought to mention that May 12 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Finished chemo last Sept and radiotherapy Jan 10th this yr.

Obviously I immediatley put all this down to finishing treatment and it taking months to get over. (I'm all clear and healthy now). But I am convinced it's not effects of that anymore. I'm on Macmillan board and cannot find anyone feeling this bad. Most are back at work now and I couldn't even consider that. Saw Oncologist for routine follow up and she said this is rare to feel like I do. And she likened it to Chronic Fatigue Syndrone or after effects of Glandular fever. Said see Dr again to be referred to specialist. The radiotherapy was to the Clavical region too and did read somewhere that radio to the neck can set off thyroid probs but Onc dismissed this.

Prior to this got full bloods done on 24th April 12 and all good apart from Thyroid. Results are:

TSH 0.09............T4 23.5 all B12 and everything else fine. Dr said slightly high result but not enough to medicate and to repeat in 6 weeks which I had today so seeing follow up results Frid prob.

Sorry for long story just wondered what you thought? Desperate to find out what's going on...

thanks in advance.

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Hi Sorry for what has happened. You need a FT3 test as this may be more relevant than the TSH and T. Also the other autoimmune , hormonal test.what did the oncologist say? What did he/she test for. Vit d ( hormonal) and Iron almost bound to be too low, also test for B12+ foliates. , needs to be quite high. These 4 give similar symptoms to thyroid disease and often go with it.You said B12 fine, did you see the results + ranges? T4 too?If it is a bit high, sounds it, it may be because your FT3 is out too, either way.

If thyroid disease ,it is more complicated than a GP ( any ) realises

If still not right, find a very good Endo and ask for a referral. Endo so much more than thyroid and a good one, like gold.

Very best wishes,


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Hi Jackie

thanks for your reply. I am so shattered most of time it's taken ages to reply.

Here we are, done for 2nd time by Dr now and he said "levels all fine", offered me Anti Depressents!!! Talk about masking problem, I am not depressed at all so refused them!

1st bloods on 26th April:

Serum b12 406 (180-900)

Serum folate 11.0 (3.0-20.0)

TSH 0.09 (mu/l (0.35-5.5U)

Free T4 23.5 (10.5-20.0)

Serum iron level 26.9 (11-30u)

Repeat thyroid bloods 13th June

TSH 0.17 (0.35-5.5U)

Free t4 19.1 (10.5-20U) Couldn't get full results at time but also had Vit D tested and that's 129.4 (80-150 nmol) vit d considered sufficient.

So Dr says no further action but next step would be CFS specialist. I feel something is wrong and just want to get to bottom of it.

I was convinced I was Vit d sufficient as went to 2 weeks to greece on 19th may and felt 85% so much better and get back here and feel awful. Throat been hurting for couple of weeks and only way can keep it down is taking echinacea, but is that just a cold type thing? Hungry all the time, don't sleep well at all anymore, have to take sleeping tabs.

Do I go down the Blue Horizon route to get full thyroid panel? Found a private specialist Endo who deals with post cancer health probs. Do I see him? I can't be bothered with Dr I just want to get this sorted as it's debilitating and affecting every aspect of my life. I dont' care if it costs.

What do you think of results? Am I just slightly low on everything and need supplements to boost B12 etc. What route do I take now? Oncologist says poss CFS but said it's not her speciality so see Dr.

Thanks so much for replying to my post.



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